John's Ear Candy / ジョン ウォートンのオススメMusic(Death in Vegas)

Oi ! It's bloody cold down here in Kyushu ,the snow is falling and there are some die hard surfers in the water . The waves are 3ft and it's blowing on shore with snow . Good on them !
This weeks musical treat is from a band originally called Dead Elvis , but The Kings fan objected to that name so they changed it to Death in Vegas.
There music is a mix between 2 of my favourite musical genres Electronica and psychedelic rock , sometimes throwing in a special guest star ballad and some dub. They have 4 albums all fantastic , and all a little different ,but in think my favourite is Scorpio Rising .
The album was also released as a limited edition double pack including a live CD, recorded on the Scorpio Rising tour at the Brixton Academy in London. That bonus CD is a cracker and really makes me want to see them play live .
They have had the likes of Liam Gallaher and Iggy Pop,doing vocals for them and were also on the Lost in Translation soundtrack by Sofia Coppola.
This weeks slang (Die Hard) ,as in . In Kyushu surfers are so Die Hard they will still go surfing even if it is blowing hard on shore with snow and only 3 ft.
I gotta say though the crew down here in Kyushu are really friendly and willing to share a smile and the fire with a Gaijin . Enjoy John PS, You gotta love Iggy Pop


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