The Boat Playground

The Boat Playground

          It seems that we really got a new surf spot in town , the boat ran aground and it seems that will not float in the near future . To the outsiders I do recommend caution , Local surfers don't like so many people in their peak , show respect and keep the rules are essential , I think outsiders should stay in Shizunami or Katahama beach close to the surf shops . This post is full of body board photos , what makes me feel really happy . The highlights of the day were Mr.Shibata a japanese professional body boarder and the Local and professional surfer ken Higuchi . Check it out , ALOHA .

    Shibata #1

 Shibata #2

Shibata #3

Shibata #4

Ken #1

Ken #2

Ken #3

Ken #4

The Playground 

Body Boarder #1

Body Boarder #2

Playground #2

Playground #3

Playground #4

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Surfline Photo Challenge



SURF LINE のフォトチャレンジに自分の大好きな写真を送ったところ、

そして、その選ばれた写真は、SURF LINEから見ることができ、気に入った写真があれば、投票できます




 Stoked to see my photo of Omaezaki among the top 10 of October on surfline.com, visit the site on the link on the top and vote , Mahalo :) 




The Boat

The Boat - Ken Higuchi

             During the Typhoon season we gain a new surf spot in town , next to a stranded ship inside the bay . Already existed a powerful beach break overthere , but with the boat I believe  the wave began to break more in the out side , also in conditions of unfavorable winds the boat holds the wind so even in tough conditions the wave is surfable . The Hightlights go to the Pro Surfer ken Higuchi  and  the local surfers , enjoy it , ALOHA .

The Boat - Inside the bay

The Boat

Ken Higuchi #2

Ken Higuchi #3

Ken Higuchi #4

The Boat

Aimi Chan #1

Aimi Chan #2

Yuya " The Shirassu Man "


The Boat

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The Last Swell

Iwata Beach Break - Typhoon #21

            Here are the photos from the last swell that hit the Shizuoka's Coast . My bet was in Iwata in a powerful beach break dominated by Brazilian surfers , what makes me feel at home . Last year I broke a rib on this beach , after being trapped in the concrete by the waves , so it's not good place to do mistakes like I did  , if you do it for sure you will pay the price .
             It's getting cold already , time to set up the winter accessories and face the cold , Aloha .

Leandro Yanaguita 

Fabio Mori 

Wilson Santos 

Iwata Beach Break 

huummmmm .

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Ue Misaki Omaezaki

           This post is about photography , more precisely it's about some tests with new lenses that I purchased recently . I used 3 different lenses ( 14mm , 135mm and a 70-200mm ) in the same camera , my Nikon D800e . I liked the result , especially if I consider that I have not used flash and always photographed with iso between 5000 and 6400.
            About the Matsuri is was fun like every year , beer , people happy  , one celebration that passes from generation to generation, keeping the beautiful culture of this interesting country always renewed and strong , BANZAI .

 Shita Misaki

Shita Misaki #2

Ue Misaki #2

Ue Misaki #3

UE x Shita

Shita Misaki Drum

Shita Misaki Crew

Matsuri Number #1 Ue Misaki Japan

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Back Swell

Typhoon #18 Back Swell

             What a week , surfing and shooting everyday , from Hamamatsu to Omaezaki  good waves everywhere . My body is still tired from last week , and a new swell is coming this week . Today's photos you can check out my old friend , a Brazilian Japanese Surf Legend  " Veio Fabio Mori " and also two waves photos in Omaezaki that I took before get in the water next to Aimi Chan and a guy from USA ; incredibly only 3 of us in the water this day ; light wind , clean lines with overhead size waves and nobody else out there , Yeh God is Great , ALOHA :) .

Today's Music

All the credits to my mate John Wharton , a gret musician and my beer partner in Omaezaki , Cheers .

Fabio Mori - Iwata Beach Break

Fabio Mori #2

Perfect waves for 3 people in the water - Omaezaki Back Swell Typhoon #18

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