Western Suburbs Sydney by Freda

Photos by Lendro Freda

Freda is my old friend from Brazil ,right now he lives in Bondi Beach Sydney and always when he can , he will be sending us some photos fom Austrlia , where the best surfers in world came from . Enjoy it .


Neymara Carvalho Wins Bahia Body Boarding Show

Unstoppable , that's the right word to describe Neymara Carvalho in competitions . Away from the world tour this year  , She took part of the event in Bahia from the trials , and guess what .... She won it ...again .
To make it , she had to stop the best body boarder at the moment , Isabela Sousa , and also a tough heat in the final against the beautiful and dangerous Eunate Aguirre .
Genesis Girls  always doing well in the world tour , next satage , Venezuela .

Neymara Carvalho , the best Ever .                        Isabela Sousa , current number one IBA  WT.               

Typhoon Visions



2010/9/25 Omaezaki Area /御前崎 エリア

Photos by Tamy Arakawa

Muito Obrigado Tamy , good Job .


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Typhoon is geting closer .....

Still far away to be a perfect wave , but today during the day we got some good moments in the water , I was body boarding for 5 hours today , so no time to shoting , also the sun light was not helping , almost raining during all day long  . Well I guess saturday is the day , and it's better be , coz I have to work on sunday , also today I had a big loss ( actually not a  loss , you can't lose something you never got ) , so I do need some good waves  to lift my wood and smile again . By the way , Tamy is going to be shoting tomorrow , cool .

                                                                                                                                    Pedro's lifestyle .

Typhoon is coming

Good waves can heat the Japanese coast anytime from now , so better leave boards , wet suits and wax inside of car , to be ready to action .

I am ready , and you ?


Bahia Body Boarding Show - IBA World Tour 2010

 Next  World tour stage happens in  Bahia  Brazil , good chance to Isabela Sousa and Maylla Venturin establish themselves at the top of world ranking ,also it's time to Uri Valadao win again , as a local  he knows very well the spot . Good Luck to all Genesis Riders . 

    Isabela Sousa and young Genesis Neymara Carvalho team  riders .

Gorgeous Prize Money to the winner .


2010/9/20 Shizuoka Area / 御前崎 エリア


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Skate Session at Santa Cruz Skate Park


Masaki san and Hayato pro skater show skill with their skateboards, and teach some tricks to  their young friends .


Some where in Earth - Rider Michael Sherwin

Michael just came back from Indonesia and send me this photo last night , him self  rideing some fun wave , hahahahaha.....

Autumn cloud

Almost flat again , Keita came from Shizuoka to surf , but it was impossible , so he showed his guitar's  skill playing some nice songs to us  .


Busy Day

My cell phone picture

Today my day was very busy. I went to Hamamatsu to sell my body boards (very good that I sold 2), and shopping. Unfortunately I couldn't go to the beach as I do every day, I just took a look on the beach in Iwata (Samejima) while I waited for a customer. I also had a very interesting meeting in two different  surf shops, presenting to them   Genesis Boards . Finally I went to do shopping , I bought  a new wet suit (very cheap one) and an external hard drive for my computer. In the return to Omaezaki was already night, but I still  made time to swim 2500 meters as I do almost every day. Really tired now.

My new wet suit and HD .


Sunset Session

Low speed shots and some sunset pictures , really nice to make this photo session with friends .

Surf Mates

Aimi ( Kawaii Anpaman Chan ) , Maecci and Chika .
The waves were really small but anyway we had some  nice moments in the water , with a beautiful sunset view .


Dark Side of the Lens

Junior showed me this video today early morning , so cool . I can say that's all I wanna do , all I wanna be .... Surf , Cameras , body board , all together .

Photo by Tavares Junior

Pictures and paintings , nice composition broo , like us last night , looking for new systems , colors and answers to our questions ,a pleasant night .


Small Town Lifestyle

        Without having much to do, and with few entertainment options near where I live , I did the usual , checked the surf, drank coke and ate sweets , watched the sunset (when I took this photo above)  then I went  to the pool for training .

GAIJIN tea time , coke with sweets , I love it .

Paulo Barcellos - Genesis Body Boards

ワールドチャンピオン パウロバルセロ プロモデル 。
Genesis number one sales board , Paulo Barcellos pro model , available in Japan.


Is the Summer over this year ?

Yesterday the temperature dropped 10 degrees if we compare with the previous days , better enjoy much as we can this end of summer , before get colder .

Isabela Sousa - Great body boarder and great personality

        After Isabela wins the event in Sintra , I sent a message from my facebook congratulating her for the  victory , for my surprise after 3 hours she answered my message saying " THANK YOU Pedro ". Four days later I talked about her in my blog , and this time for my total surprise , she sent me a new message saying "Cool Pedrooo , Thank you very much , your blog is very cool .", with great modesty .The girl is in the news everywhere and had time to thanks me for talking about her in my simple and humble blog . Definitely  I have to say she's a nice girl .


2010/9/7 Omaezaki Area /御前崎 エリア

Photos by Tamy

Friends of Southern Brazil

        Felipe and Jeferson are from Laguna beach , Santa Catarina , south Brazil . I'm from southern Brazil aswell but further south , Porto Alegre ( city of beautifil women ) . My father is from Santa catarina too , and our family has a beach house over there , where the waves are great and the beaches are wonderful .It'svery nice to meet people from southern Brazil here in Japan , because the majority of Brazilians in Japan are from Sao Paulo, where the culture and customs are quite different from the south . If someone wish to go to Brazil one day, I do recommend to visit the south, nice place, nice people .


2010/9/5 Omaezaki Area /御前崎 エリア


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Typhoon Boards

 Photo by Tato - Nuclear River Japan

              With the arrival of typhoons, waves becoming increasingly more higher. In  this situation is very  important to be with the right equipment . Genesis Body Boards are the best choice for this type of wave , because its special material ( Duralightcore ) and modern design ( developed together with experienced professionals Body Boarders and reputable engineers ) , provide the body boarders high speed to hand any situation , getting high performance with total security. Contact us and make a test with a Pro model  board for free , or order your new body board right now and enjoy the best  body board in the world .


Pra bom malandro , pingo e letra ....no worry be happy ....


2010/9/1 Omaezaki Area /御前崎 エリア


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Billabong Pro Tahiti Teahupoo 2010

Isabela Sousa wins Sintra Pro 2010 Portugal - IBA world tour

Genesis rider Isabela Sousa did great and won Sintra Pro 2010 , and  maintained her leadership in the world circuit this season . With the small waves during the  competition  , the Japanese Miya Inoue did really well and got second place ,defeating Body Board world stars like Maylla Venturin and Eunate Aguirre .Well done Miya Inoue ,"OMEDETO GOZAIMASSU".In the Mens World tour , the french man Amaury Laverhne won Sintra pro and this year world title aswell with merit . He had already won at Pipeline this year, and his presentations have always been consistent .

Isabela Sousa - Genesis Body Boards rider .
Photo by Elmo Ramos - Ride It Magazine .

To know more about Isabela Sousa you can visit her blog on http://isabelasousabb.blogspot.com/ and to read more about the Worl tour visit the IBA web site on http://ibaworldtour.com/home .