Home Sweet Home

My Self having Some fun , Muito Obrigado Thiago for the Photo . / ペドロゴメス ボディボーダー


Wind, Rain and Cold / 風 , 雨 , 冷たい

How much longer this fucking cold ? My God , please end it .


2010/4/14 Omaezaki Area /御前崎 エリア

So strong Wind , Hard to sleep last night , not good for surf but I guess great to the wind surfers . 

Index Krown Surf Boards - Rider Leandro Yanaguita

Photo by Franco

Index Krown quality boards , for extreme surfers .


Another idol of my adolescence that leave us ( Malcolm Mclaren )

Last Week died Malcolm McLaren, The creator and producer of the band Sex Pistols and without doubt a very important figure for the  Punk Rock scene. I grew up listening to bands like Sex Pistols, Stooges, Clash, The Jam, Buzzcocks, Ramones, Exploited and Others, then when I see that each one of these idols is gone, really bothers me. Rest in peace Malcolm and can be sure that the ideals of punk are not forgotten. Anarchy in the World.

To Know more about go to : http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2010/apr/08/malcolm-mclaren-dies-sex-pistols


2010/4/4 Omaezaki Area /御前崎 エリア

Photos by Pedro Gomes


Kopi Pot Cafe

僕の友達が御前崎でCafe を やってるよ。めっちゃ美味しいよ(o^~^o)サーフィンの後お腹がすいたらLet’s go!僕がお勧めするのはアボカドチーズバーガーセット、ポテトがついてくるよ。 http://kopipot.hamazo.tv/

Kopi Pot Cafe, Miki Thanks a lot for the good dishes that you serve, always giving me enough energy to face the waves again. My favorite Avocado hamburger with  chips , Oishii.


Good Shot - Shizunami Beach / 静波ビーチ

2010/4/3 Shizunami Beach / 静波ビーチ

Photos by Pedro Gomes


Soul Surfers / ソウルサーファー

Shague - Big Rider , he's the man .

Shinji and Ray - Heavy Local , always in the the best break of the day .

Yumi - Free Surfer , nice person .

Tavares Junior ( Ceara) - No words for this guy , like a brother to me , Surfer and Best Wave Report Photographer .

2009/4/3 Omaezaki Area / 御前崎 エリア

Photos by Pedro Gomes