Southern Japan

Chikako Matsushita - Southern Japan

         I spent two days exploring the Southern Japan coast next to my girl Aimi Chan and our friend Chikako Matsushita . Two  intense days of surf and photos . I can say that these two days I faced all kinds of waves, big waves, fun waves and barrels . In this post you can check the fun waves session with Chika and some other photos of our short trip , ALOHA .

White Sand beach

This one slapped me in the face .

Chikako Matsushita

Beautiful evening .

Chika , Aimi & Pedro .

Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved


Colors of Summer

Maecci - Omaezaki Beach

                 The Summer in Japan is hot and wet , but it's the best season to explore the colors and contrasts of the local scene . In this post you can see some photos in the water  and some night shots during the Summer festival ( Matsuri ) , ALOHA .

Maecci seen behind the wave .

Girl on the Beach .

Snowflakes in the sea .

Fire Works

"Matsuri" crowd ( Japanese Summer Festival )

Tents of traditional Japanese food and goods .


Yukatta ( Summer Tradicional Clothes )

Kohei San


Pedro Gomes - Omaezaki Sunset

Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved


Typhoon Visions #2

Typhoon #10 Omaezaki Japan

             In this post I show up some few frames from the last typhoon taken from the land after body boarding for few hours . These pictures were taken during the peak of the typhoon swell , with few and brave Brazilians in the water ,"Da Hora " FLW .

Juninho Handa #1

 To the right  was not bad .

Juninho Handa #2

The classic horse kick .

Hard to get in .

Ricardo Abe "peixinho"

Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved


Typhoon Visions

Omaezaki Japan

                 After a long time , finally a consistent swell hit the Omaezaki Coast .With few surfers in the water , I swam against the current, dived deep, took several bombs in my head to make this images and some other ones that I will not bring out yet . Here goes what I can show at the Moment , the reject ones , lol . ALOHA .

Strong currents and concrete in the bottom , "In doubt , don't go ".

Thiago Okazuka

Thiago Okazuka 2

The Beast

Black & White in the Water .

Kohei Shioya

Omaezaki Japan

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Pro Surfers Free Session

Irago - Aichi Japan

           It's being hard to find time to post new photos here . After a long period without waves we are surfing for over one week already consistent waves from typhoon swells ; but here we go , some cool action photos from last week during the free sessions at Billabong Tahara Pro  , Aloha :) 

Takayuki Wakita

Masatoshi Ohno

Ezekiel Lau

Takumi Yasui

Andre Teixeira

Irago Japan

Takayuki Wakita

Irago - Loco Point

Irago - Loco Point

Where are the waves ?

Irago - Loco Point


Have a nice week :)

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Afternoon Shoot

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