Mix Tape

Thank's a lot for coming , coz of you guys we can keep going .


2010/5/26 Hamamatsu Area / 浜松・舞阪エリア

Photos by Tamy

Huge Event

So it was fun, I got to hear my favorite songs played loud enough to irritate some and motivate others to randomly twitch and spasm bodies to the beats.
18 people in all showed up for our first wee event, the next will be bigger and better. Thanx to all who came ;]

This is a Seriously dark and beautiful tune, Play It Loud, chill and wait for the nasty bass to kick in, JOHN . ps. Pedro loves chickens .


Tonight / 今夜

Tonight I wanna Everybody Down There .

Night Shot / ナイトショット

After surf in Hamamatsu I went for a ride in the city , and I shot some night pictures  like this one up here.


2 days at Komanba Beach ( PK )

I spent  two days  in Komanba beach (PK) body boarding and meeting friends who did not see for a long time as my friend Wilson Santos on this photo. I really like this beach because it has many Brazilians, and I feel like if I were in Brazil.

Thank's Komanba local surfers  for always receiving me so well , in the next swell from the west, sure I'll be there again .

Passei dois dias na praia Komanba (PK), praticando  body board e revendo amigos que não via há muito tempo como o meu amigo Wilson Santos desta foto. Eu gosto muito desta praia, porque tem muitos brasileiros, e eu sinto como se estivesse  no Brasil.

Muito obrigado surfistas locais de Komanba  por sempre me receberem  bem ai no pico de voces , no próximo swell de oeste, com certeza eu estarei lá novamente.


Winchester wins Arica Chilean Challenge - IBA World Tour

Winchester is one of my favorites body boarders , even in competitions  he surfs on his limit, making his presentations hallucinating.
I would like to congratulate the organization of the event in chile for optimal structure presented, drawing much public and sponsors. With events of this size the body board tends to grow. Keep Body Boarding, next stage "Peru."

Winchester Flying High to win .

IBA Arica Chilean Challenge 2010 - Final Day


IBA World tour - Arica Chile day 5

Pefect 8 feet for day 5 at Arica Grand Slam 2010 .

All Stars in the Water ,Amaury Laverhne (REUN) ,Ryan Hardy (AUS)

, Ben Player (AUS)  Magno Oliveira (BRZ) 
Guilherme Tamega (BRZ)  Uri Valadão (BRZ) 
 Diego Cabrera (CANA) , Christian Fernandez (CHI) 
Jeff Hubbard (HAW) , Gaston Carnival (POR) 

Mike Stewart (HAW) , Dave Winchester (AUS) 

 Louis Pierre Costes (FRA) , Eder Luciano (BRZ) 
Yeray Martinez (CANA) , Jake Stone (AUS) 

Watch it live at http://www.chilebodyboard.com/


Gray Sky / グレーの空

The day was ugly, rainy, with small waves. I wish better days.



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Skate Photos / スケートボードの写真

For shooting skateboard you need to be very close to the moment of action. I like adrenalin , so I am enjoying making these pictures. In this photo my assistant Thammy shoot me very close to the skater,  thanks for the photo girl .


Skate Session at T-style / スケートセッション

Photos by Pedro Gomes


T-style Skate Board Park , cool place , friendly people , thanks guys .

No Waves , but beautiful day

Today I was playing like a child on the beach with my young friend Thammy , also we shoot some good photos like these on the top .


2010 IBA Tour Buzios Brazil - Winner Isabela Sousa ( Genesis rider )

Congratulations Isabela Sousa for another victory in the body board world tour , now leading the world ranking .
Also congratulations to the other Genesis riders Maylla Venturin (2th) and Nicole Calheiros (3th ) .
Genesis Body Boards , the board of champions .


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Great Spirit - Adventure Day

Photos by Pedro Gomes and Luciana Maeda


牧之原市地頭方海浜公園で開催された海で遊ぶプロジェクトでは、カヤック乗船体験、サーフィン体験、ボディーボード体験、スケボー体験、砂の造形などの催し物を開催しました。 参加してくれました牧之原市内に住む子供会の皆さんありがとう。シーサイドプールで見かけた子供も多くて、日中は暖かく泳いでいた子供までいました。時間がたりなくて参加が出来なかった子供達も多くいましたが、次回イベントを楽しみにまってて下さいね。 次回はアヒルレースでお会いしましょう! 【お問い合わせ先】アウトドアフィットネス スポーツアドベンチャークラブ グレイトスピリット 〒421-0531静岡県牧之原市落居1609-4



So much fun with children during the adventure day brought by Great Spirit .


ASP World Tour - Santa Catarina Brazil / サンタカタリーナブラジル

Congratulations Jadson Andre , Big Step to the Brazilian Surf .

In the final nothing less than Kelly Slater.

Please ASP Japan , watch this video and learn how to make one surf contest more attractive .

BBQ with friends

No wave but  good weather, perfect for eating and drinking with friends.

Cezinha , Massa , Shony , Icaro and Ceara , Who let the Dogs Out  ?

Happy Birthday Yuka / お誕生日おめでとうございます

2010/5/1 Omaezaki Area ( Wind Surf ) /御前崎 エリア

Brasiliana Pizza in Kosai

Preta , my self and Yuri chan at Braziliana Pizzaria , my Favorite pizza in Shizuoka .

Renato , The responsable for provide us the pizzas .