The Idol - Guilherme Tamega

Guilherme Tamega - Pipeline 2012

          Six-time World champion , Pipeline event winner with 15 feet waves , also Tamega is the only one to win the event three consecutive world's most famous bodyboarding, Shark Island Challenge, which has one of the world's most dangerous waves. He is also the most successful competitor in the international bodyboarding competitions after the World Tour was created in 1994 to promote a recognized world championship. Before the creation of the Super World Tour title was not recognized in the world, although Mike Stewart has received during this period the title "living legend". Tamega  is known as the "racing machine" due to his relentless search for victories.

"racing machine"

Tamega going to do his job .

Tamega @ Backdoor

My Self & Tamega at Ehukai Beach park .

Guilherme Tamega - The Legend

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I get around

Shizuoka Area 

                  After a while away from the surf , today was my lucky day . Few people , some waves and two old friends around , what a day . Thank's a lot China for the philosophical talking and the surf , also I wish to thank's a lot my mate Rogerio for came to surf in Omaezaki after a nice trip to Bali last month . Here are some photos of the Omaezaki local surfers in the water , ALOHA .

Ken Higuchi

A Wave

Yamaguchi San

Tuesday Surf around Omaezaki .

"Meu amigo" Rogerio still smiling for the surf in Bali next to Kelly .

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Jeff Hubbard

Jeff Hubbard - Pipeline 2012

               His style is characterized by aerial tricks, and recognized by constantly pushing the boundaries of the sport. His split leg invert and looped 360 airs are a kind of trademark, and he is also regarded as one of the few bodyboarders to ever land an aerial 720. He is a four  time winner of the IBA Pipeline Pro bodyboarding contest in 2002, 2006, 2011and 2012 . He is also 2 times World Champion (2006 & 2009 ). To me he is a legend already and I do appreciate watch him bodyboarding .

Jeff Hubbard - North Shore Oahu 2012

Jeff's trademark

Hubb Brothers @ Pipe

Invert  air

Jeff Hubbard on the rail

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Uri Valadao

Bahiano Voador - Uri Valadao 

           The 2008 World Champion Uri Valadao is always among the top 10 world ranking , year after year . Eazy going personality , always friendly with everyone . I use his  shaping body board  to surf , the best balance to actions and tube ride  I found until now . It was very funny the first time I met him in 2011 , he spoke to me using a Bahia slang "O meu Rei "( hey My King ") , I am from the south Brazil so it sounds so funny to me ,especially the way he talks  . Well here are the photos  , enjoy it , Tchau .

Uri Valadao - North Shore Oahu 2012

at Ehukai Beach Park

Uri Valadao @ Pipeline

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Magno Oliveira

Magno Oliveira @ Pipeline

             Definitely one of the best body boarders I know . Like most of the other Brazilians in the World tour , Magno is humble and simple . Right now he got a new sponsor  which can help him  traveling around the World to record his new movie . Boa Sorte Magno nessa nova jornada .

A good day at Pipeline

Magno Oliveira from Espirito Santo Brazil


Moment of faith

Magno Oliveira in the Barrel @ Backdoor .

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The first swell


             This Thursday was the first good swell around Omaezaki , rainy day , strong current and good waves was the scene of the day . Not so many people in the water , hard to keep in position to ride a wave . I hope that other good swells hit the Omaezaki coast this year . Aloha .

Gray sky

Zilber taking his second chance .

Photo or Bodyboarding ? Both .

Waiting for the next swell already .

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