Golden Week

Aimi Chan @ Omaezaki

            Golden week has started and there are some waves in Omaezaki , small but surfable . The water is warm and the  weather is being good . looks like the surf will pump from this tuesaday , I hope so . Have a nice week , Aloha .

Omaezaki beach in the evening .


Blessed Tuesday

Paulo Paiva @ Iwata River

             After two rainy days , this Tuesday was blessed by God with a beautiful sunny day . The water is warm already , a 3mm wetsuit is enough to surf . The highlight of Tuesday go to my friends Paulo Paiva and Leandro Yanaguita , also thank's a lot to my mate "FILIPINO TRIPA SECA" for my ell rollo photo , Valeu veio  FLW .

Paulo Paiva flying into the concrete .

Leandro Yanaguita - Iwata River

Leandro Yanaguita's floater

Another good move from Leandro

Yuzo Yoshikawa nice floater 

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Roberta Bitzer

Roberta Bitzer - Hawaii Pipeline 2012

            Roberta is from Brazil but she is living in the North Shore for a while . She had a great performance in  the Pipe Challenge , and after some years living in the North Shore I can say that this girls knows the place very well as you can see in these photos . Aloha .

Roberta Bitzer - Ell Rollo .....

& reverse spin .

Roberta Bitzer in the Barrel @ Pipeline

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Paulo Barcellos

Paulo Barcellos - Hawaii Pipeline 2012

            Nice to see back in the tour one World champion , after one year away  Paulo is back this year and he satarted well  reaching the quarter-finals in the Pipe challenge . I had the opportunity to speak with him a lot and got some cool tips for body board and water photography aswell ,  Valeu Paulo .

Paulo Barcellos relaxing on the beach .

Champion at Pipeline in 2008, Paulo is back .

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Emma Cobb

Emma Cobb - Hawaii Pipeline 2012

        I must confess that I did not know this body boarder , she surprised me positively with a great performance in the Pipe Challenge 2012 . She could find some unbelievable barrels that other girls didn't . I start this Week with her photos in these nice waves , have a nice week , Aloha .

Emma Spin

Emma Cobb in another barrel .

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Today's Surf

Thursday afternoon around the neighborhood .

            This Thursday was really cool , I got up early with a gorgeous breakfast made by my girl , after eat , board and cameras in the car then I went for a bodyboarding session in Iwata . Good waves  strong current , good training for a man who is just recovering from an operation . After that in the late evening few photos in the water next to Aimi Chan  around the neighborhood , then beer and a nice dinner next to my surfer girl at home . Unfortunately I work tomorrow morning but that's ok ,  I made my week today . I wish a nice Friday and a very Nice weekend to everyone , TCHAU .


My self checking the light .

I like this palce .

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Ben Player

Ben Player - Pipeline 2012

          To me Ben Player is the best Australian body boarder and for sure one of the best in the World . This year during the free sessions at Pipeline nobody did better than him , and he was appointed as the overwhelming favorite to win the event , but for these reasons of life he didn't win . Never mind Ben is much more than competitions , he is above it . When Pipe was hard to get in because of the strong current , Ben passed the current as if was nothing , unbelievable to people who were there watching . Here are some Ben Player photos , enjoy it mate .

Ben Player - IBA World Tour 2012

Ben Player @ Ehukai Beach Park .

 Here Ben in a big barrel at Pipe .

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Dave Winchester

DK Attack - Dave Winchester

           Winchester is one of the best body boarders around the World , I do like his performance in the movies "Body Board Tension" , kind of mix between Body Board movie and Jack Ass . He never won a World title , but for sure in the free sessions he always stands out , prone and drop knee .

Dave Winchester @ Pipeline .


In the barrel .

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Week Surf

 leandro Yanaguita @ Iwata River

             This Wednesday was my first time in Iwata this year , and my first day body boarding after the operation in my shin . Waves were really alright and I can say the name of the day was my old friend Leandro . Here are some photos of this surf day in Iwata . Tchau .

Iwata Beach

Leandro Yanaguita - Powerful Surf

Japanese kid doing the right thing .


These concretes are the most dangerous thing for surfers in Japan .

China - 120kg of Surfing .

Ninja Style

And here goes another surf day in our lifes , Aloha .

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David Hubbard

David Hubbard - Pipeline 2012

             Jeff Hubbard's brother has often been Dorp Knee World Champion , recently he is doing great in the prone division aswell , integrating the elite of world bodyboarding . Here  few moments of David in Hawaii this year , Enjoy it .

David Hubbard - Drop Knee Pipe Challenge 2012

David Hubbard - Hawaii 2012

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Ardiel Jimenez

Ardiel Jimenez - Pipeline 2012

             I do respect this body boarder from Canary Islands , great body boarder in prone or drop Knee aswell . Ardiel is that kind of big guy frowning , few words , but after change some few words with him you can see that he is a nice person . Here some photos of him in the last hawaiian season . Aloha .

Ardiel Drop Knee @ Backdoor

Ardiel Jimenez - Pipe Challenge 2012

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