IBA World tour - Venezuela Body Board Pro Festival

                Starts today the Body Board Pro Festival in Venezuela , good chance to Isabela Sousa and Mayla Venturin confirm their places at the top of the world tour . To know more about the event visit the Pro Festival home page at Body Board Pro Festival .


Bondi Beach - Sydney NSW

Photos by Leandro Freda

Glen Orgias was bitten by a great white shark on Bondi Beach last year and is still charging... Good on ya mate!!!


Omaezaki Area /御前崎 エリア - Evening Light

Low Speed photo session

Today Aimi chan got a new board  and  she was so happy about that , like a little child  .




Photo by Tomochi

                 I do like this photo , when I first saw it I immediately wanted to post in my blog , but it was few months ago and I didn't have a good reason to post it . Right now I met someone special to me , and I am really enjoying this time , then I remembered this photo and the photographer's  comment "all couples are beautiful ."
Thank's a lot Tomochi for this beautiful shot , to check out more about Tomochi works , visit her blog on  http://freeeeespace.blogspot.com/


Omaezaki Area /御前崎 エリア

Photo by Tavares Junior

Last week some waves hit the coast in Omaezaki , nothing special but much better than a flat day , check out Junior's blog and have a look how was the surf , enjoy it .


Photo Art

Photo by Tamy

Local Friends

                                               Junior , Gustavo and Satoshi .


Viking Kayak

Last weekend I went to Shizunami beach to check the surf , in my way I found a very interesting and new Kayak shop .
I got inside and I was very well attended by Mr Graham who owns the place , he  showed me all models he has in the shop and  explained me the types of kayaks they have and how to use them in the best way . 
Inside of the shop is also possible try the kayks in a kind of water tank they have over there . After spent some time there , I was willing to buy one Kayak to me  .
To know more about Viking Kayak visit their home page at http://www.vikingkayak.co.jp/

Mr. Graham Sayer and Kenji Niwa


Weekend in the neighborhood

            without surf to shoot this sunday , I took a friend to a  ride around my place . So we visited the Light house , bought some handicraft accessories in the local shop , walked on the beach and ate at Omaezaki fish market . I turned off my cell phone to can be in peace and just enjoy my weekend with people are really close to me . Sometimes is good to have a full weekend just for relax , and look the sea . Ready for action now ( Genki Natta ).


Congratulations Isabela Sousa - 2010 Brazilian Pro Grand Champion

                Isabela Souza is the Brazilian Grand Champion 2010 , Mayla Venturin won the stage in Barra do Jacu and got second position in the year . Also Other genesis riders did really well like Neymara and Nicolle Calheiros . Genesis Body Boards for high performance riders .

    Neymara Carvalho                                                            Mayla Venturin


Good Shot - Rider Ken Higuchi

In the right place at the right time , also when the surfer is good , it helps a lot .


2010/10/11 Omaezaki Area /御前崎 エリア

Water Shot Session with Ken Higuchi


Ken Higuchi is a Japanese Professional Surfer with large international experience .

2010/10/10 Shizuoka Area / 御前崎 エリア

I would like to say thank's a lot to my friend Michael for the fun time we had in the water last sunday , and also I wanna say sorry to him for cut his head in the best action he did , hahahahahaha , we do better next time mate .  Always fun shot friends .


Friday Afternoon in Omaezaki /御前崎 エリア


The day started with some small waves , but nice , Manami from Shizunami was doing great in the water with her new body board , her friend was also doing nice actions , but the waves size wasn't helping them . My self , I made the choice to surf only in the afternoon , and ask god for more size . Right choice , got much better than morning with waves like shoulder high and 2 or 3 actions was possible to be done . I wasn't going to shot today , but after finish my body board session , I could realize the light was really good , so I did some few photos , almost of friends and local surfers ..... Nice vibe and waiting for a happy saturday .


Index Krown Surf Boards International Team

Geting nice results in the Brazilian Pro Surf Tour and WQS aswell , Index is building a strong name in the surf scene . Riders Like Bino (index krown, keahana) and  Alandresson Martins (index krown, keahana) , First and second position at the Itacaré Pro , just confirm this trend .

Also Index Krow International web site is ready and made me so hapy coz they purchased 3 photos from me to help to make it possible . Check it out on Index krown International


Rainy Day in Ise / 伊勢エリア

              Last sunday I went to Mie-Ken to shot B7 sakate Park event , unfortunately was raining so they had to cancel the event , so I went to the beach so see my old friend Fukuda .  We did some photos in the water , It's always nice shot a good surfer , Thank's a lot Mr. Fukuda for the good time I had in Ise , it's always a big pleasure visit your beach  .


Flow Island by Coco

To know more about Coco's Art visit her homepage at  http://flowisland.jimdo.com/

Kiyomizu Dera - Kyoto

            I went to Kyoto to visit some friends and take some photos , I was lucky that my friend Yuko was free and could guide me to many different places . Kyoto is actually small , but hard to drive and find what you are really looking for , so a local guide  helps a lots . Also was really nice  talk to her about art , music , sports and surfing . She is a designer but she also loves surf , skate board and plays Capoeira and Moi Thai ( dangerous girl ) . At night we went for  dinner with my Kyoto surf mates Massa , Akira and Naoki , eat traditional Japanese food ( ÖISHII") . Thank's a lot guys  for welcoming me so well in Kyoto . Great time .


My self and Yuko at Kiyomizu Dera , next  Massa , Akira ,  Naoki and Yuko  .                                      


Happy Birthday Karin Chan

             My beautiful daughter Karin turned 6 years old saturday , so I went to visit her in Shiga-Ken and also I could enjoy her presentation at the sports festival (Yondokai ) at  school aswell . She likes to speak portuguese and english ( but she can't speak  both  very well yet ) and loves to sing a song and play  piano like her mother , what a girl .....always making me proud to be her father . Karin Chan , Papa loves you baby .


2010/9/29 Omaezaki Area /御前崎 エリア


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Quiksilver Pro France 2010 live