Kiyomizu Dera - Kyoto

            I went to Kyoto to visit some friends and take some photos , I was lucky that my friend Yuko was free and could guide me to many different places . Kyoto is actually small , but hard to drive and find what you are really looking for , so a local guide  helps a lots . Also was really nice  talk to her about art , music , sports and surfing . She is a designer but she also loves surf , skate board and plays Capoeira and Moi Thai ( dangerous girl ) . At night we went for  dinner with my Kyoto surf mates Massa , Akira and Naoki , eat traditional Japanese food ( ÖISHII") . Thank's a lot guys  for welcoming me so well in Kyoto . Great time .


My self and Yuko at Kiyomizu Dera , next  Massa , Akira ,  Naoki and Yuko  .                                      

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