The Boat

The Boat - Ken Higuchi

             During the Typhoon season we gain a new surf spot in town , next to a stranded ship inside the bay . Already existed a powerful beach break overthere , but with the boat I believe  the wave began to break more in the out side , also in conditions of unfavorable winds the boat holds the wind so even in tough conditions the wave is surfable . The Hightlights go to the Pro Surfer ken Higuchi  and  the local surfers , enjoy it , ALOHA .

The Boat - Inside the bay

The Boat

Ken Higuchi #2

Ken Higuchi #3

Ken Higuchi #4

The Boat

Aimi Chan #1

Aimi Chan #2

Yuya " The Shirassu Man "


The Boat

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The Last Swell

Iwata Beach Break - Typhoon #21

            Here are the photos from the last swell that hit the Shizuoka's Coast . My bet was in Iwata in a powerful beach break dominated by Brazilian surfers , what makes me feel at home . Last year I broke a rib on this beach , after being trapped in the concrete by the waves , so it's not good place to do mistakes like I did  , if you do it for sure you will pay the price .
             It's getting cold already , time to set up the winter accessories and face the cold , Aloha .

Leandro Yanaguita 

Fabio Mori 

Wilson Santos 

Iwata Beach Break 

huummmmm .

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Ue Misaki Omaezaki

           This post is about photography , more precisely it's about some tests with new lenses that I purchased recently . I used 3 different lenses ( 14mm , 135mm and a 70-200mm ) in the same camera , my Nikon D800e . I liked the result , especially if I consider that I have not used flash and always photographed with iso between 5000 and 6400.
            About the Matsuri is was fun like every year , beer , people happy  , one celebration that passes from generation to generation, keeping the beautiful culture of this interesting country always renewed and strong , BANZAI .

 Shita Misaki

Shita Misaki #2

Ue Misaki #2

Ue Misaki #3

UE x Shita

Shita Misaki Drum

Shita Misaki Crew

Matsuri Number #1 Ue Misaki Japan

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Back Swell

Typhoon #18 Back Swell

             What a week , surfing and shooting everyday , from Hamamatsu to Omaezaki  good waves everywhere . My body is still tired from last week , and a new swell is coming this week . Today's photos you can check out my old friend , a Brazilian Japanese Surf Legend  " Veio Fabio Mori " and also two waves photos in Omaezaki that I took before get in the water next to Aimi Chan and a guy from USA ; incredibly only 3 of us in the water this day ; light wind , clean lines with overhead size waves and nobody else out there , Yeh God is Great , ALOHA :) .

Today's Music

All the credits to my mate John Wharton , a gret musician and my beer partner in Omaezaki , Cheers .

Fabio Mori - Iwata Beach Break

Fabio Mori #2

Perfect waves for 3 people in the water - Omaezaki Back Swell Typhoon #18

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Typhoon #18

Satoshi Fernando -  Omaezaki Japan

             Here are the photos of Typhoon #18 in Omaezaki . The waves weren't that big as I thought it would be , but for sure it was a good training and fun with the surfers out there . The surfer Fernando Satoshi was the lucky man of the day , he got the best waves and didn't waste them  , check it out , ALOHA : ) .

Satoshi #2

Satoshi #3

My favorite place .

Marlon Martins #1

Marlon Martins #2

Ruy Sano

My favorite place


Omaezaki Japan - Typhoon #18

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