Not Official - Quiksilver Open Chiba Japan

Quiksilver Open Chiba Japan
         Last Sunday I was in Chiba , about 50KM away from Tokyo to see the WQS 4 stars level . The weather wasn't good , rain , cold , wind .... one authentic  rainy season's day . The OZ guys took it over and the only intruders were the Japanese hero Masatoshi Ono and the Brazilian Bino Lopes . I guess everybody already saw the photos of the event in the media , but in these photos  I  tried to take from somewhere that nodody is shooting . WQS Japan in a different way  and not official by Pedro  :) . 
Mitch Crews  - WQS Japan Winner
Mitch Crews #2

Michael Wright
Michael Wright #2

Masatoshi Ono
Masatoshi Ono #2
Masatoshi Ono #3
Bino Lopes
Bino Lopes #2
Quiksilver Open Chiba Japan
Cooper Chapman
Cooper Chapman #2
Davey Cathels
Nao Ohmura
Masatoshi Ohno
Chiba Japan
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The Test Ground - Omaezaki

Gen Ichiro @ Omaezaki
        After a long time away from the beach there was my self this week in my favorite test ground , Omaezaki beach just one minute away from where I live . My target was test two lenses , a 300mm f2.8  and a 135mm f2 both nikkor lenses . The weather wasn't that good , I had to shoot with clouds, fog and wind . Even in adverse conditions the result was good . Be happy , enjoy life , Aloha .

Gen Ichiro #2
Young body boarder
Sakae Kun
The Light house - Omaezaki Japan
Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved .