Somewhere on the North Shore

          This blog is about photos , but this week no new photos , no waves , no beautiful lights to shoot so here goes another old photo that had not been posted before . Aloha .


          Away from surf , and no waves to shoot I am having kind of holiday of this blog . This week I ate and drunk a lot always next to Aimi , my personal nurse hahaha . Actually I am studying very carefully what equipment I intend to acquire , and what kind of picture I will focus on from now . I think two more weeks I'll be good to training again , until it keep enjoying the life . Tchau .


Colorful drops in front of my lens

Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved


At V-Land

Aimi chan at V-Land Hawaii

            In these days that I'm not able to surf , I'm organizing my photos , then I just found some pictures that I never had posted before , like today's photo . Somehow this time of ostracism is being useful . I love ice cream and pizza . Tchau .


Water Shoot

        I can not wait to start to shooting from the water again . To me water photograph is kind of mix between sport and photography , I feel the same adrenaline as I'm catching wave while shooting . I hope to be back soon .


Forgotten shots from the last typhoon

        I had forgotten about these photos , I just remembered them because I was cleaning my compact flash card today . The photos are from the last typhoon around Shizuoka . better late than never, hahahahahaaha .

Mount Fuji , the most famous postcard of Shizuoka .

Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved

Getting ready again

Nikkor Fisheye f2.8 and my new flash SB-900 ,time  to get ready for new photos with new goals.Gambaru .


El Rollo

Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved


Back Swell

          Today was  really good to surf around Omaezaki , unfortunately I had to work , but Aimi chan took this photo with her iPhone to share with us . Thank's girl , nice shot .


Washing Machine

Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved


Surfing the Typhoon

Tavares Junior - Omaezaki , Japan

Junior was surfing alone , where is everybody ?

Typhoon Wave

            I took this picture on Sunday before the back sweep , beautiful waves but so far from the coast to surf without a jet ski support . I do  appreciate seeing the nature's power  and its effects .

The Secret

Keep the country "country", keep the secrets in secret and keep surfing in peace .

Good left

Nice view from inside the bush .

Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved

Surfer Girl

        If I think about girl surfing , this girl is the first one comes in my mind .  9 months living together now , we have a lot of fun . Aimi is kind of best friend , surf partner and a very cute girlfriend . Everyday Arigatou .

Before the storm

Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved


Water Photographers

        I do miss to be out there , my God , it's being my worst summer ever ; the pain in my rib bone never get better ...... just getting fatter everyday in front of computer and watching DVDs on TV . I need a miracle .


         Tonight the moon was beautiful , I spent some time watching the moon by my self talking to God , nice talking .


Small shore break

Looks fun , looking forward to getting in the water .


On the Beach

          Another sunny day in Omaezaki , for those who had patience to wait, it was possible to find some waves like this one in the  photo above . To me just another hot summer day watching from the sand . Tchau .


Surfing in the blue water

        Today the waves were good for fun, seeing from  outside , I could  realize that the water was very clean and blue. Aimi told me that besides  clean , the water temperature was  very nice, not requiring the use of wetsuits anymore . I love summer .


The Fog

                      All long the week , we are being overtaken by a heavy fog , however in the afternoon is not raining and the sun lights up beautiful .In the beginning of this week I thought this picture in my head , using the fog with the sunset , but just today I could make it .  I hope you enjoy it . Have a nice week ; Aloha .

Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved

Body boarding in the shore break

                      Today I was so jealous of this body boarder , bodyboarding in the shore break in Omaezaki beach , just 5 minutes from my home . I wish to be able to be out there too . C'est la vie.


Surfing today

                    Small waves today , but some guys are always hungry . Today I went down to Fukude beach to have o look at the Line Up Cup to give a support to my friends . Unfortunately none of them won, however Diego reached the final and Renatinho had a good performance coming in the semifinals.  "Omedeto"(congs) to the young Japanese guys that dominated the tournament with consistent performance. Banzai .

Despite not having won, Renatinho achieved a good performance and stopped in the semifinals.


Mike Stewart - The God Father

Exactly forty years, more precisely on 09 July 1971, Tom Morey in California created the first bodyboard . To celebrate this day , I decided to post the photo of the world bigest bodyboarding champion , the legend Mike Stewart . I was sure I wanted to be a body boarder after watching a video where Mike Stewart was surfing at Pipeline . Until watch this video I did not know the full potential that could providing by a body board . One of the coolest things this year in Hawaii was that I could
met him several times on the beach , he was always very accessible, always smiling and length all in a very cordial and friendly way . I remember one late afternoon at Pipeline ,the waves were not that big , but were perfect Pipe waves from 3 to 4 feet . When I got in the out side , the first wave that came to me he  was also well positioned to catch that wave , however he looked at me and motioned to me catch that wave . I just couldn't belive that , and I tell you , to someone do this in Hawaii is really unusual . But Mike did , and that's why he is Mike Stewart .

Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved


Within the Wave

            This is my favorite place , usually get it within few seconds, but those seconds are magic, only those who've been there already , know this feeling .

Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved


The water photographer's best friend

                   Never mind the wave height , the helmet is very important to the photographer . I can say that it saved my life on 3 occasions . Also wearing the helmet you get a lot more confidence to get as close as possible to what you're shooting . My tip for those who want to start doing radical pictures, use a helmet, for sure it is going to help you out there .


Classic Surf - Velzland North Shore Oahu

Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved


Broken Rib

             Ten  days after being crushed in the concrete , I could realize that I have a broken rib . I was feeling pain all my body during this week , but at the same time I was feeling better every morning . last saturday I went to the pool and after play as a child in the water slider , I swam 2000 meters as I use to do almost everyday . I was feeling pain and  uncomfortable , but I thought it was a temporary pain because of the accident last Saturday .
             Well this monday I went down to Iwata for bodyboarding and after 2 el rollos , fuck ,  to much pain . I left the beach immediately and went to the hospital .The doctor examined me and after see the x-ray, he confirmed that I had a broken rib near the lungs. The result of these is a long period away from the water or any other kind of sports . Right now in summer it happens to me , lucky Pedro . Well more than ever , faith in Jesus Christ . I wish  good waves to all of you , I will be watching from the sand . Aloha :(.....


Beautiful Water View

Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved


Concrete Beach

              So , like I was saying in my last post , the days was beautiful , nice surf  ,  but I had an accident ; after my stupid carelessness , I found myself in the midst of the concrete being constantly hit by series of waves without stopping . I lost my equipment , several scratches on my body and pain because of the many collisions I suffered . Good learning , and I'm  ready for the next swell . Gambaru .