Broken Rib

             Ten  days after being crushed in the concrete , I could realize that I have a broken rib . I was feeling pain all my body during this week , but at the same time I was feeling better every morning . last saturday I went to the pool and after play as a child in the water slider , I swam 2000 meters as I use to do almost everyday . I was feeling pain and  uncomfortable , but I thought it was a temporary pain because of the accident last Saturday .
             Well this monday I went down to Iwata for bodyboarding and after 2 el rollos , fuck ,  to much pain . I left the beach immediately and went to the hospital .The doctor examined me and after see the x-ray, he confirmed that I had a broken rib near the lungs. The result of these is a long period away from the water or any other kind of sports . Right now in summer it happens to me , lucky Pedro . Well more than ever , faith in Jesus Christ . I wish  good waves to all of you , I will be watching from the sand . Aloha :(.....

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