Mike Stewart - The God Father

Exactly forty years, more precisely on 09 July 1971, Tom Morey in California created the first bodyboard . To celebrate this day , I decided to post the photo of the world bigest bodyboarding champion , the legend Mike Stewart . I was sure I wanted to be a body boarder after watching a video where Mike Stewart was surfing at Pipeline . Until watch this video I did not know the full potential that could providing by a body board . One of the coolest things this year in Hawaii was that I could
met him several times on the beach , he was always very accessible, always smiling and length all in a very cordial and friendly way . I remember one late afternoon at Pipeline ,the waves were not that big , but were perfect Pipe waves from 3 to 4 feet . When I got in the out side , the first wave that came to me he  was also well positioned to catch that wave , however he looked at me and motioned to me catch that wave . I just couldn't belive that , and I tell you , to someone do this in Hawaii is really unusual . But Mike did , and that's why he is Mike Stewart .

Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved

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