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After long resisting, I had no choice, I finally made a facebook for me (actually my assistant Tamy did, because I have no patience for this sort of thing.). Now  I hope that my network of contacts grows and also get back important people in my life as my cousin Frederico , who did not speak for years. Anyone who visits the blog can add me on facebook Join my facebook. YOROSHIKU !


Crazy Canadians

The Weakersthan are from Canada and have a couple of good albums .
People call them a punk band ,I don`t know why ?
It doesn`t sound punk to me .
They are very good song writers so if you don`t speak English well then you might not get them .
But I like them heaps ,I hadn`t heard them for a while so I thought I`d share them with you`ll.
Enjoy ,,,Fish and chips good John

Check out some of thier other vids , I think these guys have played Fuji Rock before ..?

Original OZ Fish and chips

John made some fish and chips During the boat race in Omaezaki, was quite nice actually.

Good job folks.


Tonight SURF PARTY in Hamamatsu at Young Night Club

Many attractions , live show, Brazilians Bikini Girls, raffle ticket to bali and also photo exhibition , everyone is invited .


おめでとう日本 / Congratulations Japan

BANZAI ...... Japan is one of the top 16 in the world . I made a bet with a friend and I won, yehhhh !!!!!Japan moved to the next stage of world cup. I believe that Japan can win Paraguay aswell . GAMBATE NIPON.

Hamamatsu Area / 浜松・舞阪エリア

Photo by Tamy


Dj I.s.a.a.c ♪ ૐૐ Sunshine Zen Production (music consultant)

My friend Isaac just came back from Bali , he was there for  surf and   he played in some festivals aswell .  Isaac also does some artistic works as building decorations for events and  paintings displays . For be a great dj , I take suggestions of music from him to post it on here .Welcome to the Best Wave Report DJ Isaac .

Isaac playing hard .


Good Shot - Hamamatsu Area / 浜松エリア

Rider Bart , nice guy from California .

ATENTION : Local Surfers Only and Guests . I advise bringing a Portuguese dictionary for those who are not Brazilians. Portuguese is the official language in Komanba (PK).


Body Boarding in Sagara

Photo by  Shigeyuki  Yamada

My new friend Shige send me this photo . He took this photo while doing body boarding. Good shot mate .

Omaezaki Area /御前崎 エリア

Click on the following link to see more photos .


Report from Brazil by Takashi / レポートブラジルから

Takashi Fininho with friends in Brazil ( Yuri is in the back on the left ) .

I am a friend of Takashi for a long time already, my friend Yuri introduced me to him at  Nambari Mie-Ken. As we have much in common as the love for the sea , women and soccer , we became good friends . Now he is in Brazil and when  possible , he will  be telling us some of his experiences  across the world . For the "Gaijins" who can not read Japanese like me , please use the Blog Translator.





お互いに趣味がサーフィン、ボディボードということもあり・・・(もう4,5年前になりますね~)。そんな中、僕はPedroを初め、たくさんのブラジル人を繋がりを持つようになり是非、ブラジルに行ってみたいなあと思い去年初めて3ヶ月間ブラジルに行き(会社を辞めて)、んで、いったん日本へ帰ってきたのですが、また今年の2月から学生ビザを取って再度来てしまいました!!hahaha 今はサンパウロ市内で学校に通いながら暮らしています!!では、僕がブラジルに来て感じたことを書き始めようと思います~




2010/6/14 Omaezaki Area / 御前崎 エリア

World Cup Africa 2010 / ワールドカップ アフリカ 2010

Can anyone beat Brazil ?

Well , World Cup is runing now  and as a good Brazilian , I'm expecting our sixth world title.
Because of the world cup, my new body board has the colors of Brazil, yellow, green and blue.
Also  I wish the best to Japan in the World Cup , it was going to be great to see Brazil x Japan in the Final ........


2010/6/12 Shizunami Beach / 静波ビーチ

Photos by Tavares Junior


Daniel Thomson

Daniel Thomson is professional surfer and shaper, he has his own brand (TOMO surf boards)http://www.dantomo.com/ , it has his own concept and style . Born into a family of surfers,  he started doing surf boards when he was 14 years old , learning from his father in Queensland Australia.

This time he spent two weeks here in Shizuoka  developing his work at  Bros Surf Shop.
During the time he was here, unfortunately did not come any great swell to make  new photos . Last year I took great pictures of him during the WQS in Chiba and one free session in Omaezaki , I wanna  meet him during the  typhoons season to shot sick photos again .


Genesis Body Boards in Japan

IBAワールドツアー チャンピョンに輝いたジェニシスライダーの ネイマラ・カルバリオは、今年で5回目のワールドチャンピオンの快挙を成し遂げた。


Genesis Body Boards available at BROS surf shop

The fastest Body Board  in the world now available in Japan.

Rocket Boards for high perfomance .



Waiting for the typhoon season

I have to confess , I don't enjoy body boarding in small waves , no fun . I can't wait to start the typhoons , to catch waves in size a little better, like this one in the photo down here. In the Picture above me and some friends studying the waves condition before entering in the water last year.

Photos by Thiago Wave