Good Shot - Ehukai Beach

Hideoshi Tanaka - Ehukai Beach Hawaii 2011

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Shore Break Japan

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Shizuoka Area this week

Bart Templeman

Leandro Yanaguita


             This Thursday we got some waves in Shizuoka , not that big , but much better than the previous week . Nice to met my friends , and today 3 of them got some nice moves as you can in these photos on the top . The American guy from California  Bart was doing his every day surfing , and he got this aero on the sand . My broo Leandro also got some nice moves and show up his aggressive style as always . The last highlights go to Shinobi , even with the waves not that big he found a place to protect him self from the sun .
             Some other photos of the day you can see in the slide show down here , enjoy it .

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Hubbard Brothers

               Dave Hubbard

                  These brothers are really cool , both are great body boarders from Hawaii  . Jeff is World champion , the current world tour leader and for sure one of the best body boarders throughout history . Dave is also taking part of the World tour and a drop knee World champ .

Jeff and Dave Hubbard at home - Pipeline

                    Both are really friendly , everytime I met them on the beach they were really cool with me . A good example for some  guys , that have not yet achieved any success in the professional  surf , but act as if they were true Kelly Slaters .

Jeff Hubbard

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Australian week

 Parkison wins Bells Beach Pro

             All OZs should be happy about the Australians surfers and body boarders performance this week . Parkison won  Bells beach in the final against Fanning , in the women's event the young OZ Sally Fitzgibbons won against Carissa Moore . Before that At Margaret River the local  Ryan Hardy won against Magno Oliveira from Brazil in the body board World tour .
             The Brazilians guys didn't win  , but they got very good results . Adriano Souza could make until the semi final beating Kelly Slater in the quarter finals , losing to Fanning in the semi final later . Jadson also did well and finished in the 5th position . Maybe one day Japan can start to take part of this events aswell ,  all hopes are in the new generation .

Sally Fitzgibbons

Ryan Hardy - The Box Pro Winner

           Well done IBA , during the WCT was going on in Bells beach with average waves , Margaret rivers was insane , maybe so dangerous to the surf boards .

......On Sunday

Shizunami Beach this Sunday

                Easter Sunday - the waves didn't change so much from Saturday ,  windy  and cold again . But for this week is starting now we have some hope , as you can see in the graphic down here . I guess from Tuesday might have some waves in Omaezaki and all Shizuoka area . Really waiting for that .



Junk Waves this saturday

                  Fucking windy this saturday , what a waste of swell . Anyway my self my girl and some few friends found some waves at Komanba point in Iwata . Roger , Ceara , Leandro and Renatinho . The last guy Renatinho was trying his limits close to the rocks and he paid the price , a big cut on the ear . But nothing serious to stop him , after the hospital he was back there , ready to fight again .

Renatinho after face Komanba's bottom


Shore Break

In this photo here  Jacob Romeo facing Ehukai Shore Break .


Isabela Sousa

                                Isabela Is the Current world champion and sure she  put the level of the female body boarding at another stage . I surfed several times next to her and I was really impressed about her level . Like all Brazilians Professinal body boarders she was so kind and caring with everyone . I wish the best to her in the next stages of the world tour .

Isabela at Pipe 

Me and Isabela at Ehukai Beach Park


Waiting for the swell

                             This photo above shows Sagara Beach this tuesday morning , we are close to May and still no signal of a quality swell . WCT does not happen anymore in Japan because of the long waiting periods .....any other idea ?  

Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach Live

The Box Pro Live


Trip Mag

                        Last week my friend Sharel lend me this mag from Brazil called Trip . I know trip for a while , since I was 12 I guess . When I lived in Australia , the Trip mag rented the studio I used to work to and it was cool .
                        Trip mag is about everything I like ,  surf , music , sports , health , girls , fashion .....all issues are addressed very differently from traditional media . It's  an underground mag to people like me .  When I see the standard surf mags , I feel not comfortable . Everybody is just so super cool , everything is just so Billabong or so Volcom or whatever .
                         This number Trip is Talking about one Brazilian surfer called Pepe . He is a legendary surfer from the 70ths , and beacame a hang gliding world champ later . He died in Japan on 4th of April 1991 , trying to fly from Wakayama until Kushimoto . When I find some time I tell the full history here , by the way go to http://revistatrip.uol.com.br/ and find out more about trip mag .

Pepe Surfing at Uluwatu in the 70ths .


My Beautiful Flower

Thank's for everything in this 6 months my beautiful girl , you are like a cold can of beer in the desert .


Body Board Culture - North Shore Hawaii

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Body Board Season Hawaii 2011 Report

                             My final report to Waves about the body board season in Hawaii winter 2011 , click on the link above and check it out .


Back Home - Surfing at Omaezaki

Surfer Shague - Omaezaki

                Today was my first day surfing in Omaezaki this year . Nice to see some locals and change some words with them . My friend Shague was down there aswell catching some waves , so I took this photo before get in . The waves were really average but the water is not so cold anymore . I hope that some good swells  hit the Japanese coast this year and bring some good waves to us .


Sakura - Iga Ueno Castle

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Natural Pool

Ehukai Beach - Hawaii 2011

Photographer contact : pedrombgomes@hotmail.com

Copyright 2011 Pedro Gomes Photography : Camaleon Photo Art . All rights reserverd

Spring Sunny Days

                 This week is being hot and sunny  , I am so happy about that . Unfortunately we are facing this nuclear problem in the island , so even with some small waves to surf , me and my girl are still waiting the situation become clearer . Like you can see in this photo above , good time to appreciate the view and wish good luck to our brave friends in the water .


My favorite lens - AF Nikkor 50mm 1:1.4D

Dragon Fruits

                       Ok , here goes the situation ; earthquake happening , I have to run away and I can take only one of my lens . Do suru ? wich one ? Sure I will choose my 50mm lens . Why? Well , the 50mm is the  lens with the nearest vision of the human eye , it's not  big , aperture 1.4 , great results always , makes a beginner looks like a professional photographer . You can use it for surf , people and anything else . Thank's Sabino for the lens and thank's Aimi's dad for the Dragon Fruits , oishiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.


Small dangerous Surf

            As everybody knows we are facing a real nuclear crisis in Japan right now . Radioactive waste is leaking from Fukushima Nuclear power station , contaminating  the sea wtaer . We do not know yet how it can affect our health or not . Maybe do  not affect our health , maybe yes . The true is that nobody knows for sure the possible consequences that may occur to us . So just in case , I think it's better keep away from the sea for a while . I know it's hard to do , my self I already surf after all . But think for a while , is a smart thing to do surf small waves like this photo on the top knowing the risks we can take . Think about this , and good luck for all of us .

Caio Tavares - Going to Brazil

Caio and Lulu last summer in Omaezaki

               My little friend Caio is going back to Brazil this monday with his mother Luciana . I will miss both a lots , Caio is always fun and Luciana usually make nice food  at her place in Shizunami , and sure I will miss that . Caio and Luciana are really worried about the radiation comimg from Fukushima ( so I am ) , so they decided to go to Brazil until the situation  get better . Well other 2 members of the family are going to stay in Japan , Caio's father Junior and Lulu the dog  . Well Lulu is going to have a hard work  to look after Junior by her self now , but I am sure she can handle that , Lulu is a very smart dog and I wish good luck to her in this hard task .
              Caio e Lu , nao se preocupem a Lulu e forte e ira sobreviver , e forca la no Brasil , assim que der estou indo para Fortaleza comer um baiao de dois la com voces . Boa viagem e ate breve .