Psychedelic Surf

I really enjoyed this photo session , beautiful light , my friends in the water , almost a perfect day , but ......

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The three Elements

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Smile it's Summer time

This cool guy was enjoying the beginning of Summer with his family and friends on the beach .


Water Shooting in Iwata

              Clean surf , hot and beautiful day , it's so nice surfing in Summer . Iwata is being the best choice for surfing this year  around here . But better be careful , and don't do mistakes like I did last Saturday .  I'm still paying the price for my mistakes .

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Rasta Man Surf

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Out of Control

                 That's how Omaezaki was this Sunday , completely out of control . Saturday was really surfable but dangerous at Iwata , so bad to me . Some few photos from the water ; I will post some in here soon as I can  . Aloha .


Shizunami beach getting ready for summer

           Everything is is being prepared at  shizunami beach to receive the tourists in summer. Shizunami  is the  busiest and most exciting beach around here , for those who enjoy fun on the beach .Girls , beer , fun boards ,volley and beach soccer  .... anything that resembles a happy summer , you'll find in Shizunami . Guaranteed fun for both , surfers and non surfers.

Shizunami beach has waves that are conducive to  beginners and experienced surfers .

On days with small waves is  great to practice long board .



Rainy season

                Raining almost everyday this month , it's pain in the ass ,but really necessary for rice plantations . Rice is the main food in Japan , they eat rice even in the morning  , with fish . Welcome Mrs.Rain . Chove chuva , chove sem parar , chove chuva ......



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Omaezaki is getting crowded

                     Shizunami beach is not working , almost everyday flat or close to flat , so many sufers that used to go surf overthere are coming to Omaezaki now . Sometimes is hard to find a parking place , even during the week . I just hope that Omaezaki don't become a place  like Irago or Shonan .

More and more people everyday .

"Beer in the City"

             Since I came back from Hawaii , this was my first time in the city  . Great fun next to Aimi in Shizuoka Shi , her hometown . Shopping , a lot of beer in the IZAKAYA and cinema to watch Xman First Class . The cinema was in Fujieda , in the way back to Omaezaki . For my surprise in the Fujieda cinema wasn't possible to buy beer . What the hell , one of the good things in Japan is that we can drink and buy  beer anywhere , at the supermarket , train and even in the drugstore . Yes it's true , in Japan is possible to buy beer and cigarettes in the drugstore , it's nice isn't it ? we can buy alcohol and hangover medicine at the same place ,very convenient . Well , about the movie all I can say is that with beer or high of something was going to be much better . Xman without the Wolverine is same as go to Hawaii and don't surf at Pipeline . Not a bad movie , I just missed Wolverine , but some nice girls on the screen , and that's always good . Tchau .
Beer time in the city


2009 a year to remember

                     2009 was the best year to surf in Japan since I got here in 2001 . Waves like this one on the photo above were constant . But I guess this typhoon season is going to be good , in the last two weeks some good waves reached the coast , and that's a good sign . Aloha .



From morning to evening

               During my days off  I did some tests of water shooting , like this photos down here . I made some few photos early morning and later in the evening  . Looking for a perfect shoot . Have a nice week . Aloha .

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Shooting from the water

                         This was Aimi very first time shooting from the water . I gave my contribution being the model , hahahha. Good fun @ Omaezaki .


Ayumi - Well done girl , number one in town going to take part in the national surf tournament . Gambare !

Ceara - New job , new life . Vou sentir sua falta na praia e na firma , boa sorte meu irmao .


Working with colors

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              This afternoon I shot trying to explore the the contrast of sunlight in seawater and this was the result . Very nice to finish the day with a beautiful scene like this , thank you father for one more beautiful day in our life . Aloha .


ZFS Surf Boards by Zilber Fumiu

Zilber Fumiu

This guy is a true surfer , and he shapes with this true surfer feeling .

" Surf to me is not about only money , surf is my life ".
 by Zilber Fumiu .

Fun Waves at Home

Gustavo Florencio

                       Today the waves were small but if you  had patience , was possible to catch some good fun wave like this one on the top of my mate Gustavo with his super long board . I do enjoy bodyboarding in this conditions , it's fun , unfortunately when the waves are small some "cool surfers " come to beach to show how cool they are and spoil the surf harmony . I just do not understand , when the waves have some size this kind of guys don't come , what could be  the reason?.......



Guilherme Tamega - the Idol

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                    I have many heroes , and Tamega is one of them . To me he is the best body boarder of all time for sure . It's really nice to watch him in the top of the World again . Dalhe Tamega , Dalhe Brazil .


                            The Pixies are one of my favorites bands , I came to know the Pixies through my French uncle Emanuel ( this man introduced me so many bands , and he has a big influence in my musical formation ) when I was 13 . The Pixies are really important to the 90ths , after Pixies appeared many good bands , the best example is  Nirvana . Kurt kobain said once that he decided to make a band after listening to the Pixies and he would like to do something like that . My favorite album from the Pixies is the one called "Bossanvova" , but I do like the song "here comes your man". This is my tip for this week's Music, a very nice week to everyone.


Nike 6.0 Leave A Message - Full Movie!

           This girls are amazing , I do recommend this movie to girls and boys .  Enjoy it .


Heading back home

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                    This was my scenery last Monday , driving back home from Iwata after surf . What a wonderful day , waves , some photos ,beautiful sunset and a lovely dinner next to my blonde girl . Enjoy  your life, the best place in Earth  is  here and now .


After Typhoon

                        Clean lines , good waves and nice weather after the typhoon cross Shizuoka . After search for hours my choice was Iwata . Some friends surfed at Shizunami beach , but definitely I don't like that wave , I respect who likes that place , but to me no way , I have much more fun in the pool than go out there . Waiting for the next swell and working hard these days . Aloha .

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