"Beer in the City"

             Since I came back from Hawaii , this was my first time in the city  . Great fun next to Aimi in Shizuoka Shi , her hometown . Shopping , a lot of beer in the IZAKAYA and cinema to watch Xman First Class . The cinema was in Fujieda , in the way back to Omaezaki . For my surprise in the Fujieda cinema wasn't possible to buy beer . What the hell , one of the good things in Japan is that we can drink and buy  beer anywhere , at the supermarket , train and even in the drugstore . Yes it's true , in Japan is possible to buy beer and cigarettes in the drugstore , it's nice isn't it ? we can buy alcohol and hangover medicine at the same place ,very convenient . Well , about the movie all I can say is that with beer or high of something was going to be much better . Xman without the Wolverine is same as go to Hawaii and don't surf at Pipeline . Not a bad movie , I just missed Wolverine , but some nice girls on the screen , and that's always good . Tchau .
Beer time in the city

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