Congratulations Ezekiel Lau - Billabong Tahara Pro Winner

Ezekiel Lau  - Billabong Tahara Pro Winner 2012

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Billabong Tahara Pro #2

Irago - Roco Point

                Tahara Pro is going on and even with  small waves like this one above surfers are doing amazing things on the beach , Check out the photos . ALOHA .

Kaishu Tanaka ( JPN )

Luke Shepardson (HAW)

Marlon Martins (BRZ)

Naoki Kumagaya (JPN)

Ryan Bignold (AUS)

Thomas Woods (AUS)

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Billabong Tahara Pro #1

Irago 7/25

            Billabong Tahara Pro is on with one foot waves , anyway the surfers showed why they are Pro Surfers fighting for a good score in  unfavorable conditions . Today's photos are here , ALOHA .

Mita Nick from Hawaii

Paulo Paiva from Brazil

Paiva before his heat .

Paulo Paiva in his best score today .

Tahara Pro

Dane Victor from USA

"Meu amigo Clodoaldo "

Tahara Pro

Fuyumi Yajima from Shizunami Beach .

Shota Nakamura

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From Irago


              Everything is ready to the WQS 4 stars Billabong Pro , all Japanese pro surfers around , waves are small but for sure we are going to have a great show of surfing in the next 4 days . Aloha 

Gret air here .

Young guy from Australia .

Tahara Billabong Pro 2012

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Long Board Session

Kazuo Morikawa - Omaezaki Japan

            Here are some photos from last week , it was a pleasure make this Long Board photos with the expert Morikawa San . When the surfer is good the photographer's work becomes much easier , I just needed to make the photos trying to explore different angles and different light contrasts .  That's the result , I hope you like it . ALOHA .

Bottom turn

Lip Attack

Smooth sliding

Hang Ten

Opposite photographing in front of the wave .

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Iwata Beach Break

Marlon Martins - Iwata Beach Break Japan

            Here some photos from the last Wednesday in Iwata . Many friends in the water , feeling at home , GOD BLESS YOU ALL .

Tavares Junior "Ceara"

Juninho Handa

Sometimes things happen ....

Paulinho Handa

Iwata Beach from the top .

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Fun Waves

Morikawa San - Pro Long Boarder

             After 2 weeks without surfing , this week was really good , not that big but fun . Highlights to the Professional Long Boarder Morikawa San , this man is a legend . Also nice to meet our old friend Chika Chan , she just became a professional surfer short time ago and she was having some fun on the beach next to Aimi Chan . Aloha .

Morikawa San

Omaezaki Port view from Sagara Sun Beach

Chika Chan @ Sagara

Surfer Girls Aimi Chan and Chika .

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Playing with the kids

Eito Ikeda - Omaezaki this Sunday

            The weekend like throughout the week wasn't so good for surfing , anyway Sunday afternoon I did some photos of my young friends Eito and Kanta kun . It was a good training for me after a long while away from the water and I guess also fun for the kids having a photographer just to both of them in the water . I wish to everyone a nice week , Aloha .

Eito smiling to the camera .

Kanta kun

See you guys next week , Tchau .

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