Rocky Point

Gabriel Medina - Rocky Point , North Shore of Oahu
                    Rocky Point is the right place to get "The Shot " , all the Sufers and photographers know that . Rocky is really shallow and the neighbors Rocky Right and Rocky Left are very similar . Usually get crowded in small days for being one of the most constant spot on the North Shore . In this post you can see some good moves from the pros and some free surfers too , Aloha .
Bede Durbidge

Felipe Toledo

Medina #2

Medina #3

Medina #4

Durbidge #2

Durbidge #3

Free Surf #1



Paulo Barcellos



 Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved


Behind the scenes at Pipe Masters

Joel Parkinson #1
                 All most  everything that could be said about the Last Pipe Master already stated , I don't think I can say anything new that no one knows yet , but I can Tell about my experience watching the biggest surf event in the World . 
                 So let's start from the surfers , the only thing I can say is " unbelievable " , I am not talking about the champion Parko or Kelly Slater or Medina ...... I am talking about all of them , all the surfers in the contest are just amazing . Most of the time I sat on the stairs of Jamie O'brien's House next to the locals , and all the  waves ridden the comments were the same around me , " How do they make it  ?" the level of WCT surfers is  really impressive . In this super LATE post , you can check out some nice waves and some other interesting scenes around the event at Pipeline , Aloha .
The Crowd

Joel Parkinson The Champ
Gabriel Medina
Kelly Slater

Brazilian fans

Miguel Pupo
Shane Dorian
Perfect Backdoor
               This little guy was trying to bring home the broken board of Slater , but ASP stuffs didn't let this happen , this was the famous piece of board that Medina fumbled getting out of a perfect barrel .
Right or Left ?
No Words , just kelly Slater in one more perfect wave at Backdoor .
Josh Kerr
When the surfer comes out of the tube  the crowd  go nuts .
What a beautiful wave
So close to the crowd
In hawaii always has a rainbow
Concentration before the heat
" Grande " Ricardo dos Santos
Ricardo dos Santos at Home
The Air Drop
The  photographers
Rob Machado
The Crowd on the beach
From the top ...
and from the beach
Aloha !
 Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved