One day before the Typhoon

                          Heavy rain , windy and waves breaking  everywhere , this was the  scene last Saturday . Really hard to shoot from the water with a fish eye lens in this conditions . Anyway ,  I did some photos  as you can see  down here . Aloha .

Valeu a todos os Brasileiros que apareceram aqui em Omaezaki para o surf sabado , obrigado galera .


Tamega wins Arica and leads the World tour

The 6 times World Champ Gilherme Tamega won the event in Chile and now leads the IBA World tour Tour 2011 . Congratulations Broo , I told him in Hawaii that this year was going to be  his year . With this win , Brazilians are leading all kind of surf in 2011 . Brazillllllllllllllllll. to read more go to http://ibaworldtour.com/

Tamega at Arica

The Final Video 

My self And Tamega before a photo session


Typhoon is Coming

             The waves were like this today , but I guess  Sunday and Monday will be great . Prepare your boards , surf will pump this weekend . Aloha .

Really waiting for that .


First day of water shoot in Japan this year

                 Wave and  Hamaoka Nuclear power station view

                    Today was my first time shooting from the water in japan this year . The waves weren't that great , but good to see some of my friends down the beach . Nice to see Jhon in shape with his new surf gear , Arison from hamamatsu , Ayumi and Satoshi from Shizunami , and the Omaezaki everyday surfers as Junior , Zilber ,Led and others . Special everyday thank to Aimi for all support and food . I enjoy much more shoot from the water than land , so I will try to shoot more from the water when possible . Thank's for watch this blog ,  Aloha .

Nice  move

Before get in

Support even in water , Jet ski  Arigatou .


Omaezaki this Tuesday

                     The waves were much better than I could guess . Really cool catch some waves next to Aimi after 2 days cleaning and preparing the house for the summer . Maybe tomorrow the waves get a little better , good luck to us .


Has been hard to talk about surfing

Omaezaki Beach this Sunday

              How can I say  something about surf with this waves , my God . Well , one typhoon is  coming , maybe we can get some waves on friday or saturday .
              Anyway  the beach was full of surfers today , it was hard to find a parking place in Omaezaki , some surfers do appreciate small waves .


What about the Girls IBA ?

Eunate Aguirre at Backdoor

                     The world tour is being great this year , with all support from Red Bull . But what about the girls ? Any  idea where and when is going to happen the next women event ? I couldn't get this answer yet .....


Shizunami Beach by Tavares Junior

Photo by Tavares Junior

                             Today like a miracle , Shizunami beach was better than Omaezaki ,  and the lucky photographer Junior was there to shoot this Japanese surfer in this nice move . Wainting for the next typhoon , we need over head high waves  for sure ( we are aliens ......) . Go to http://77image.blogspot.com/ and see the full rerport from Junior Tavares . Aloha .

Drop Knee - Cesar Bauer

Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved.


First Thyphoon of the Year

                  Last week we got good waves in Shizuoka . Omaezaki was really good on thursday and Iwata  continued good until Friday . Most of the time I was in the water bodyboarding , but I took some few photos in Iwata before get in . I hope you enjoy the slide show . Aloha .

Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved.


WCT Brazil stage - Billabong Rio Pro

WCT Brazil stage is ready to run , check it out  live on : http://aspwtrio.com.br/brazil11/live-gb/

Barra da Tijuca Rio de Janeiro Brazil


Miguel Pupo ( Brazil ) claimed the ASP Prime Nike 6.0

                 Brazilians surfers are really hungry , the young Miguel Pupo (19) claimed the ASP prime Nike  6.0 at San Clemente CA  over local stand out Tanner Gudauskas . Also great performance of Jadson Andre and Medina . In Brazil ,Odirlei Coutinho claimed his first win at the ASP World 5-Star 2011 SuperSurf Internacional at Xangri-La, Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil. Ladies and gentlemen, the Brazilians Have arrived.

Odirlei Coutinho - ASP World 5-Star 2011 SuperSurf Internacional , Xangri-la beach Brazil .

To read more about visit the ASP homepage at : http://www.aspworldtour.com/


Waves are coming

looks like some waves are coming , prepare your boards and wetsuits , time to have some fun out there .

The Thinker

What was he thinking about ?.......


I miss this wave .....

Rocky Point - North Shore Oahu

Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved.

What a surprise

                  I was separating some photos and look what I Found , My self and Arrow ? ( I have no idea how to spells his name ) . I met him in Hawaii , we did not planing anything , just this world is getting smaller everyday .


Danilo Couto Bahia Brazil Ride of the year - Billabong XXL 2011

Photo by Tracy Kraft

                Brazilian Danilo Couto won the Billabong XXL 2011 in the main category Ride of the year at Jaws Peahi .Congratulations Danilo , all Brazil is proud of you .Also many other Brazilians were competing in other categories , as Maya Gabeira , the photographer Bruno Lemos and many others .  To know more about the Billabong XXL go to : http://www.billabongxxl.com/ .  

Danilo Couto with his wife and child geting his 50.000,00 US Dollars prize