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Oahu North Shore Pipeline 2012

        Now the hardest thing to do after take a lot of photos in Hawaii , select the photos that I can use  some how , throw away some , well  a lot of work to do , but very happy  , ALOHA .


Classic Surf @ Sunset Beach

On a cloudy day at Sunset Beach .

Perfect Wave .

That was a very nice day to me , my girl and my friends , ALOHA .

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DK - Pipe Challenge 2012

Dave Winchester

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Water Shoot Visions

My vision at Pipeline when I am on the surface of the water .....

.....and here is my vision when I am under the water .

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Fun Wave Day

North Shore Oahu this Sunday .

         Since I got here today was the first day of  small waves , but anyway it was nice body boarding in the morning at Rocky Point , small barrels , clean lines and not so many people . In the afternoon I took some photos in the water but it was much smaller already , anyway a lot of fun next to my girl Aimi . Have a nice week , ALOHA .

Drop knee

Aimi Chan nice style .

Late Evening .

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Wave Machine

Banzai Pipeline 2012

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Isabela Sousa Wins Women Pipe Challenge 2012

Isabela put Brazil on top .

        "VIVA" , Isabela Sousa wins Pipe Challenge 2012 and gave a big step to fight for the world title in 2012 . But I would like to say thank's a lot to all Brazilians Girls today , all of them did a great job , and once again the Brazilians girls dominated the competition . Enjoy some photos of today right now , Aloha .

Isabela Sousa 2012 Pipe Challenge Champion .

Karla Costa taylor just insane like always .

Minami Hatakeyama from Japan did a nice job .

Neymara Carvalho the Legend .

Pipe Challenge 2012 .

Eunate Aguirre the current World Champion .

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Jeff Hubbard Wins Pipe Challenge 2012

Jeff Wins for the fourth time the Pipeline Challenge .

       Just like last year Jeff didn't give a chance to the rivals and won the Pipe Challenge 2012 with a great preformance . Also is worth to say about Mike Stewart , with 49 years old he was doing  great out there and finished in second . Unfortunately the Brazilian body boarders didn't reached a great result this time , but the tour is just starting and it was really nice to watch Paulo Barcellos back in the water after one year away from competitions . Time to sleep in Hawaii , I wish to everyone a nice Saturday , Aloha .

Jeff Hubbard Flying to win .

Pipeline beach This Friday .

Paulo Barcellos from Brazil is back .

Pierre Louis Costes - The current World Champion in one more back flip .

David Hubbard

Waves between 6 to 8 feet .

Guilherme Tamega .

Jeff Hubbard

Mr. Pipe Mike Stewart .

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Pipe Pro day #2

A Perfect day at Pipeline .

          The second day of the Pipe Pro was insane , waves between 9 to 12 feet and the riders doing crazy things out there . Just impossible to upload all the photos in this blog , but here goes some photos of today , ALOHA .

Massive Wave .

The crowd .

Kondo San from Japan had a great performance today .

Pipe Pro day 2

Ardiel Jimenes from Canary Island . 

Pipe Pro day 2

Nice ride .

Pipeline Today .

Kalani Latanzi from Brazil .

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Pipe Pro day #1

Women first and second round .

        Today started the IBA World tour 2012 at Pipeline . The beach was full and was nice to meet some friends overthere . I got so many photos that is just impossible to upload everything here , but soon as I can I will find a way to upload them somewhere , I hope you enjoy the photos and keep tuned , Aloha .

Koike Aoi from Japam at Backdoor .

Free Session at OTW .

Lumar Guittard from Venezuela

The current Pipe Champion Neymara Carvalho .

Mr. Pipe Mike Stewart was around .

The Venezuelan team was happy about Lumar get a place in the main event .

Maylla Venturin from Brazil


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Perfect Pipe

Another amazing day at Pipeline .

          Yeh , and here goes another day of heavy waves in the North Shore , From V-Land to Haleiwa , big everywhere , no way to get  out . Looks like tomorrow will be the same . Thank's God for be here right now , nice to meet some friends today at Pipeline and make some new ones aswell , see you tomorrow , ALOHA .

Ben Player again , to me he is surfing to much , enough OZ guy , hahahaha.


Sweet Pipe .

Just Perfect .

My friend Jun from Japan in a big one .

What do you think?

Pierre Louis Costes - Current world champion flying high .

I think that is a really nice wave .

Just Pipeline .

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