Pipe Machine

Pipeline today .

         Today Pipeline was insane , it wasn't clean , kind of messy but big , really big , local guys were saying something like 12 to 14 feet , whatever was a nice day to watch the pro surfers and body boarders out there showing their skills . Have a look in these photos and you will know what I am talking about . Aloha .

It wasn't breaking in a right sopt and the current was very strong .

If in doubt better stay on the beach .

The Body Board season has already begun .

Look the set in the out side .

Some waves were breaking close to OTW , and another ones very close to Ehukai .

Hard to put on the rail .

This wave was the time it started to get good .

Early in the morning was still very quiet with few people on the beach.

 Another good wave in the morning .

Jamie Obrian going home after work shot by Aimi Chan .

Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved

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