Jeff Hubbard Wins Pipe Challenge 2012

Jeff Wins for the fourth time the Pipeline Challenge .

       Just like last year Jeff didn't give a chance to the rivals and won the Pipe Challenge 2012 with a great preformance . Also is worth to say about Mike Stewart , with 49 years old he was doing  great out there and finished in second . Unfortunately the Brazilian body boarders didn't reached a great result this time , but the tour is just starting and it was really nice to watch Paulo Barcellos back in the water after one year away from competitions . Time to sleep in Hawaii , I wish to everyone a nice Saturday , Aloha .

Jeff Hubbard Flying to win .

Pipeline beach This Friday .

Paulo Barcellos from Brazil is back .

Pierre Louis Costes - The current World Champion in one more back flip .

David Hubbard

Waves between 6 to 8 feet .

Guilherme Tamega .

Jeff Hubbard

Mr. Pipe Mike Stewart .

Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved

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