Facing the Beast

Pipeline - North Shore of Oahu
               After 10 months , There  was my self , back in Pipeline . The last time I went out there it was unforgettable and painful , the nose of a surfboard pierced my calf , very close to the tendon I lost the  movement of  3 fingers in my right foot and I got a big scar . I came back using wheelchairs to Japan after be operated in Hawaii .
               When I got back there , everything came back in my mind , it was hard to feel comfortable , even not being too big , it was difficult to me feel alright out there . But my wish for a perfect shot ,  be in the barrel with the surfer and all that Pipeline means was stronger than anything .
                 In this post you can check some photos of my frist day at Pipe this winter season , I hope you enjoy it , AlOhA .
Barrel Sequence #1



BW #1

BW #2

Barrel Sequence #2

Body Surfer
Body Boarder
Perfection #2

Japanese Water Photographer - Kamio



Fleeing the lens
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