Close Out # 2

        To big to surf without a jet ski , but it's nice to appreciate the nature's power . Some other photos of Omaezaki area today you can check down here in this slideshow . Aloha .

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Congratulations Uri valadao & Eder Luciano

         Uri Valadao

            I met both in Hawaii this year , and I can say that both are very nice guys . I was shooting  to the Brazilian body board media , but also many times we were bodyboarding together in different spots in the North Shore . I wish the best to them in the World tour this year . Go go Brazil .

Eder Luciano

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Tow Session Highlights - Tahiti Teahupoo 2011

Crazy or professionals ? I think both , insane surf at teahupoo , I dream about this place , enjoy the video .



               Uri was the winner beating Eder Luciano in the final , very cool to see 2 Brazilians in the final . In the Girls Eunate Aguirre didn't give any chance to the Japanese Inoe  and now she is leading the tour . In the DK the OZ Dave Winchester did  what he does best and got the trophy .  To read more about the event and full ranking , go to http://ibaworldtour.com/


Blue Sea - Omaezaki Japan

Surfer - Led Souza

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Surfer - Shage

        Some good waves this Saturday around Omaezaki , the local surfer Shage was doing great out there , and I got some few photos of him , also welcome to a new American friend , doing great aswell and a very nice guy . Some photos of today you can check in the slide show down here . Aloha .

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New Boards from Index Krown

Index krown surf boards - Shape by Gilberto Nogueira

        I went to Nagoya last Friday to pick up the boards  from Brazil , designed specifically to Aimi Chan . Now it's time to put this boards in the water and see the result . Good luck Aimi with the new boards and thank's a lot to all Index Krown members for the support to the new rider .


Typhoon report to WAVES

          My first report of the year to the Brazilian main surf website WAVES , to see the full report go to:

          Fica aqui o meu agradecimento a todos surfistas Brasileiros residentes no Japao , por causa de voces que deu para tirar essas e tantas outras fotos  . Gostaria de agradecer em especial aos meus amigos mais proximos que nesse momento em que estive sem puder pegar onda nunca me deixaram de lado e sempre me apoiaram e me deram forca nesse periodo de recuperacao . Valeu galera .


Smiling to the camera

            My mate Paulo Paiva was so exciting with the camera , he gave this big smile in to the lens , but he forgot about the wave behind him , funny situation , good vibe . I do miss shoot from the water , but I will be back soon , for sure . Have a nice week , ALOHA .


Black & White in the Water

Pupukea North Shore Hawaii
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Felipe Padilha by Aimi Chan

720 Mag - Photos by Aimi Matsunaga - Backdoor Hawaii

          Really cool to see Aimi's  photo in the main body board magazine in Brazil . The body boarder is our friend Felipe Padilha from Rio de Janeiro Brazil , surfing the wave of his life at Backdoor , a huge barrel with a spectacular ARS in the end  . Aimi was in the right place and the right time to catch this nice move .
Omedetou Aimi Chan .


Renewable energy sources

Wind power and solar energy , energy sources of the future . Save the nature .


Hanabi at Sagara Beach

My Self and Aimi Chan watching the fireworks at Sagara Sun Beach , Shizuoka -Ken .


Takashi Kusama - rest in peace my friend

Takashi San last week in Omaezaki surfing his last typhoon swell .

                In mourning - It's hard to talk about this , because it's something hard to belive it's true . Mr. Takashi left us last friday after feel a malaise during work at his shop in Shizunami . I am sure all the surf community around Shizunami beach and Omaezaki is in mourning for him . Takashi San was one of those people who seemed to have no defined age, someone who surely would be on the beach every early morning as he did every day . The first thing I do every morning after wake up is check out Takashi San's twitter to know how the surf is .
                Different to the other surf shops around here , his shop , Bros ocean sports always opened its doors to foreigners products , like the shaper Daniel Thompson from Australia and Genesis body boards from Brazil among others . With that his clients were always one step ahead of the rival stores, because it has great quality products from overseas with the latest in the surf industry.
               The last time I talked to him was around 1 month ago in the shop . I had bought a sunglasses , but after get home I wasn't happy with the new sunglasses , so I called the shop and I said , may I change this glass ? and he said , yeh sure , came by tomorrow . I went there next morning I changed the sunglasses and also I got a watch to surf as a gift .
                  Last week I saw him from faraway surfing in Omaezaki and I took this photo . I never could guess that something could happen to him in a near future . I am sure God is waiting for him in the heaven with open arms  , because that's what happens to good people , eternity next to the Lord . R.I.P Mr. Takashi . Aloha .



Shore Break

I do like this wave , that's why I try to keep it in secret . It's a perfect wave for bodyboarding . Gostei .

Summer Festival

Fireworks at Marine Park Omaezaki 

           The party atmosphere in the air was cool , for a country that prioritizes the work in their lives, such moments are few and should  be very appreciated . BANZAII ,Sayonara .


Omaezaki Shore Break

Surfer - Ricardo Abe

               The swell of the last typhoon hit the entire Japanese coast, creating  perfect waves around Omaezaki .The Brazilians surfers  shown their attitude and faced a shallow shore break , in a spot  we wanna keep in secret . Check out the photos of the day in the slide show below . Tchau .

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"Gainjin" surfers challenging typhoon waves

Omaezaki area last Friday .

               Last Friday 3 friends of mine ( Junior , Marlon & Ricardo ) tried their luck at  Omaezaki . The waves were out of control , impossible to predict the place that could break a wave , they were gambling with their boards out there . Only the fact that they made ​​it to the outside , I already consider a goal . Too bad I still not  able to be out there with my friends , however I shoot some moments of this day  and you can check out the slideshow below. Aloha.

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Close Out

Omaezaki area last Wednesday , no way to get out there .

Brazilians surfers hungry for waves .

                  Brazilians surfers  are always ready to go out there if there is a chance . The claw and the overcoming of Brazilian surfers  are impressive , even tired from  work and without sleep, they are always there ,  challenging their  limits . Brasileiro e Foda , nao se entrega nem fudendo .


Typhoon Swell

Surfer - Maecci

Sun block

If you look for , you will find it .

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Typhoon Swell slide show

Today's report - Good waves around Omaezaki today , offshore wind all day long , head high waves and all surfers with a big smile in the face . The highlights of the day goes to the local surfer Maecci . He was very inspired and surfing a lot . I think tomorrow is going to be bigger than today . Check out the slide show of today's photos . See you Tomorrow . Tchau .

Today early morning

             Even if the typhoon does not come to Japan , the waves were pretty good this morning . We hope the surf  continue pumping during the week . Aloha .


Is it coming or not ?

             Today we  had some ripples from the typhoon , however will it come to the Island or move to china , what do you think? I'm not good at reading forecasts and predictions, Michael is missing here for such consultation.