Takashi Kusama - rest in peace my friend

Takashi San last week in Omaezaki surfing his last typhoon swell .

                In mourning - It's hard to talk about this , because it's something hard to belive it's true . Mr. Takashi left us last friday after feel a malaise during work at his shop in Shizunami . I am sure all the surf community around Shizunami beach and Omaezaki is in mourning for him . Takashi San was one of those people who seemed to have no defined age, someone who surely would be on the beach every early morning as he did every day . The first thing I do every morning after wake up is check out Takashi San's twitter to know how the surf is .
                Different to the other surf shops around here , his shop , Bros ocean sports always opened its doors to foreigners products , like the shaper Daniel Thompson from Australia and Genesis body boards from Brazil among others . With that his clients were always one step ahead of the rival stores, because it has great quality products from overseas with the latest in the surf industry.
               The last time I talked to him was around 1 month ago in the shop . I had bought a sunglasses , but after get home I wasn't happy with the new sunglasses , so I called the shop and I said , may I change this glass ? and he said , yeh sure , came by tomorrow . I went there next morning I changed the sunglasses and also I got a watch to surf as a gift .
                  Last week I saw him from faraway surfing in Omaezaki and I took this photo . I never could guess that something could happen to him in a near future . I am sure God is waiting for him in the heaven with open arms  , because that's what happens to good people , eternity next to the Lord . R.I.P Mr. Takashi . Aloha .

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