Zilber out for a while

ZFS shaper スガワラ ジルバ フミオは、インドネシアへとむかった。今回二度目のオーダー依頼がバリ島から入り新規オープン予定のサーフショップ立ち上げにいきました。現地では静岡のウェーブマスター土屋氏と共に削るとのこと。帰国は2月予定で今まで以上に腕を上げて帰国することを楽しみにまってま す。                                                 
My friend Zilber went to Bali yesterday to shape boards for the second time this year. During this period the factory in Japan will be stopped. However in February he will be back , taking orders in Japan again . Aloha Zilber .

Good Shot - Shida Shita Chiba ( Madison Willams ) 志田下千葉県


Rest in Omaezaki - No Waves

最近、ジェネシスボディボ-ドの代理業&自分の写真の仕事と大忙しだ。かなり疲れているので今週は、御前崎に居てゆっくり休むことに決めた。 僕の友人のマサが僕を訪ねて京都からやってきた。今週末はノ-ウェ-ブだったので彼を僕のお気に入りの場所に案内することにした…。日曜の午後、マサと僕は友人のジョンとミユキのうちにバ-ベキュ-をしに出かけた。別の友人のマイケルはおいしいえびと魚を持って来ていた。 そして、これもまたおいしいバナナとシナモンのデザートもご馳走になった。バ-ベキュ-の最中、サ-フィンやスノ-ボ-ド、写真、旅行、音楽について語り合い最高にたのしい時間を過ごした。

Recently I've been busy with my photos and also with the representation of the Genesis Body Boards. This weekend I was very tired and decided to stay in Omaezaki resting. My friend Massa came from Kyoto to visit me . No waves this weekend so I took him to visit the places I like in Omaezaki. Sunday afternoon Massa and I went to my friend's house Jhon and Miuki for a barbecue, my friend Michael also showed up and brought delicious prawns and fish, also presented us with a delicious dessert with banana and cinnamon on the plate.
During the barbecue we had fun and interesting conversations about Surf, Snowboard, Photos, Travel and Music. It was really fun.

Pedro , Jhon , Massa and Michael .

Michael preparing our dessert.

Cool Guy

My friend Massa in Omaezaki .

Lunch Time

I do like to eat sushi at Omaezaki Fish Market .

Omaezaki Light House / 御前崎灯台


2009/11/21 No surf in Omaezaki

今日は波が無く、風が強いからサーフィンが出来る状態では無いです。 サーファーの皆さん、明日は日本海に行くかゆっくり休みましょう!

Strong Wind , No Surf again .

Day Off

僕は最近ずっと写真の仕事が忙しく、中々休暇がとれなかった。 今日は久しぶりにゆっくり出来る日だったので近所のジョンとミユキと京都からマサが遊びに来た。 一緒にビール&ワインを飲んで、楽しい時間を過ごしました。

 Last weekend I was  busy with my photographic work, but this weekend I gave myself a rest. Was a good opportunity to see my local friends  Jhon and Miuki and also get my good friend from Kyoto Massa. We drank wine, beer and watched the Geneis Body  Boards DVD . Good fun .


Winter / 冬

Photo by Pedro Gomes


Now finally started the winter ,in Omaezaki the wind is very strong , and the cold makes people turn away from the beach. Also with the end of taiphoon season waves get very small . well , we can only hope that this cold end soon and meanwhile we have to find other alternatives  such as swimming in a heated pool, skating, play cards, drinking wine .....


2009/11/15 Fukui - Japan Sea

Photos by Pedro Gomes

Wave Hunter Family

久々に福井の海に来ました友人の松本隆之妻の千絵 生後4ヶ月愛娘の千愛に会い色々話しをしました凄く楽しい時間を過ごせて嬉しかったですまた福井に行った時はよろしくお願いします!

For a long time I did not frequent the beach in Fukui, and after so long without appearing in it, my return could not have been better. Some good waves, good pictures and even found some friendly people like this family in the photo below .

Chika ,Chie and Matsumoto Takayuki

Recycled Store

Photo by Akira Iwamoto

I was waiting for a table at a sushi restaurant, while waiting  my son Akira asked me to take him to a Recycled store next to the sushi place. Strange request, because what a child of 8 years would want to see a store full of used old stuff. Well after listen his request and enter the store I  could understand the reason of his request. The shop was just so cool, with so many products , from clothing to video games of last generation. I had great fun in it, and brought some utensils for my apartment in Omaezaki.


2009/11/14 Shizunami Beach - Makinohara

Photos by Hidemi Yamamoto

今日1日僕は滋賀県で過ごしていたので御前崎エリアにはいませんでした友人のサーファーひでみ 山本が静波で撮影した写真を僕のブログにプレゼントしてくれましたひでみありがとう!
Today I was at Shiga-Ken and I could not shoot surfing, but my friend Hidemi Yamamoto (surfer and photographer ) gave us these beautiful photos that give a good picture of how was the waves on Shizunami beach .
Thank's mate .

2009/11/14 Narita Ranch - Shiga-Ken


This farm is my favorite ice cream factory  in Japan, they produce the ice cream with the milk they produce , with a unique flavor.


2009/11/12 Shark Point - Omaezaki

Photos by Pedro Gomes

All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray ........( I guess you guys now the rest.)


WCT in Brazil - video by Hiuri Tiscoski

Hiuri is one of my best friends in this world , like me he is from the south of Brazil and usually surf at Farol de Santa Marta ( my home beach).
3 years ago Hiuri and me were looking for a place close to the beach to live in Japan ,and after 3 months of hard search ( surfing and enjoying all beachs around Japan ), we decided for Omaezaki ( the only place we could find a job ) . We got impressed with the wave quality ( if think about Japanese wave level ) also we found Omaezaki a cool place to live( is that true ? ) .
After 2 years He left Omaezaki for 2 seasons in Indonesia , and after that he went back to Brazil .
Right now he is Living in Santa Catarina and surfing the best spots in the South Brazil , also he is producing Surf Videos like this one on the top. Keep Shoting mate , your videos are really cool.

今日は僕の友人HIURI TISCOSKIの紹介をします彼と僕は3年前に滋賀県から御前崎に一緒に移住してきました残念ながら彼はブラジルに戻る事になり僕はそのまま御前崎に残り別々の場所で活動しています今は彼はブラジルでサーフビデオの制作等をしています彼はグッドサーファーです!僕はいい波に沢山乗ってベストショットを沢山撮っていきます次にまた彼といい波に乗れる日を楽しみにして・・・

Hiuri Tiscoski in Omaezaki


2009/11/9 Secret Point - Omaezaki

Photos by Pedro Gomes

My new toy - Solar Hybrid Cell Phone

Photo by Pedro Gomes

That's my new toy , a Solar Hybrid Cell Phone . It is very compact , water proof ( important item to surfers ),with pedometer ( I can check how many steps I walked during day and how much calories I burned ) and an 8.0 mega pixels digital camera , with  preset options like a normal digital camera . The best thing about this cell phone is that each time that I recharge from the sun light , I am giving my contribution to the ECOsystem .

僕の新しいおもちゃはソ-ラ-パネルの携帯電話だ。この携帯は太陽のエネルギ-を使用出来てECOだし、サ-ファ-にとってうれしいウォ-タ-プル-フ機能更には万歩計機能付き。重要なポイントなのは8.0メガピクセルのカメラ。 これはデジカメと同じ機能がついている。 かなり役立つアイテムだ。

2009/11/8 Shark Point - Omaezaki

Photos by Pedro Gomes


2009/11/5 Sakashita Omaezaki - Wind Surf

Photos by Pedro Gomes

It was my very first time shoting wind surf , and I could realize how difficult it is . I live in Omaezaki ,the main wind surf spot in Japan ,so I am confident that my wind surf photos are going to get in a good level very soon.

Good Shot - Komanba Hamamatsu ( Haiashi Kenta )

Photo by Pedro Gomes


Is it over ?

Photo by Pedro Gomes

No swell  , is the surf over this year? / Mo oata ?

2009/11/3 Omaezaki Sunset

Photo by Pedro Gomes


Graphic Design and web Service

Flowers by Luciano

Luciano is a great Graphic Designer from Brazil , living in Shizuoka Japan . He is the responsable for the Best Wave Report blog Layout , also he developed the Camaleon Photo Art logo and the Genesis Body Boards catalog in Japanese. To find out more about this great graphic designer click on the following link.

ルスィアーノ は デザイナーで ベスト・ワェーブ・リポート ブログ の デザイン改装に協力し、 同時に ジェネシス カタログ の 日本語への翻訳をした。

ルスィアーノ の デザイン・サービス の 詳細は 次の リンクを ご覧下さい。


Good Shot - Shida Shita Chiba ( Parrish Byrne )

Photo by Pedro Gomes

Photo Service

Pedro Gomes and Thiago Wave

Surf Photo Service is available now . Contact us and book your  Photo Surf  Session .

これから僕は藤沢在住のフォトグラファーチャゴ ウェイブと2人でサーフフォト撮影をしていく事になりました!ウォーターショットと岸からの撮影両方を同時にできます!ベストショット撮影しますよ!撮影希望のサーファー ボディーボーダー連絡下さい。

E-mail : camaleonphotoart@gmail.com / 090-6204-1173

2009/11/1 Golf - Hamamatsu ( Water Shot )

Photos by Thiago Wave