2010/7/30 Shizuoka Area / 御前崎 エリア


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Summer Rainy Day

I took this photo from inside of my car, in front of the beach.
Today looked like a fall day,  rain and the temperature wasn't high as the previous days.

Nicolle Calheiros - Genesis Rider / ジェニシスライダー ニコール

Nicolle Calheiros is model and Genesis  Body Boards rider. Currently she is in third position on the world circuit (IBA World Tour) and in the top news in Brazil .

Genesis Riders on the Top of the World .

Women's World Tour 2010 IBA Currently ratings :

1. Isabella Sousa - Genesis Body Boards

2. Maylla Venturin- Genesis Body Boards

3. Nicole Calheiros- Genesis Body Boards

Full Rankings here http://ibaworldtour.com/


Water Shot

To Purchase Photos posted on this blog please contact us by e-mail pedrombgomes@hotmail.com or call  090-6204-1173.
Photo price 2.500 Yen (The price may have variation depending on location and day.)

Omaezaki Point Break

 The bottom of Omaezaki beach is full of Large stones .



Neymara Carvalho - Genesis Body Boards / ジェニシスライダー ネイマラ・カルバリオ

IBAワールドツアー チャンピョンに輝いたジェニシスライダーのネイマラ・カルバリオは、5回目のワールドチャンピオンの快挙を成し遂げた。
Neymara Carvalho pro model , available now in Japan , Contact me (090-6204-1173) and get yours .

The greatest champions of all time of the women body board .

Profile :

5x World Champion 2003, 2004, 2007 , 2008 and 2009
2x Latin American Champion 2005 and 2007
ISA world champion GAMES-South Africa 2002
2x Pan American Champion 1999 and 2007
8x Professional Brazilian Champion 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2006 and 2007
Brazilian Champion Amateur 1993 (Title Undefeated)

Neymara Carvalho - Genesis Top Team Rider


Blue Sky / 青空

No waves to surf, so I did some photos exploring different rules of photography.
One more beautiful day , nice wind , few people on the beach , slow life.

 Low speed photos


2010/7/18 Omaezaki Area /御前崎 エリア

To many people, hard to find a parking on Sundays in summer.
Locals  should have a reserved parking in advance , or what for I pay tax in this town ?

Small waves , but beautiful day , blue clean water , also I met some nice people from Saitama today.


Hamamatsu Tower / 浜松 タワー

Full day in Hamamatsu .

Even being living for three years in Shizuoka already , still amazes me the number of Brazilians who live here. In Hamamatsu is possible to buy electronic items in stores and be greeted by a Enterpret in Portuguese. It is also possible to use Portuguese in cell phone companies among other things. A piece of Brazil in Japan.

After all, I still made time to check out the surf.


Felicitaciones España, Campeona de la Copa del Mundo

Arriba España ,Very nice to see  Spain champion, a team that plays beautiful , dedicated players and a smart coach . Spain won Its first World Cup, and now belongs to the select group of world champions like Brazil, Argentine, Germany, Uruguay, Italy, England and France.
With the end of the world cup in Africa, attention now turns to  Brazil , host country in 2014. I hope that in 2014 Brazil play better than this time and finally make our people happy again .


The best in the World Cup - Larissa Riquelme , the Paraguay's beauty

With the end of the world cup in Africa, FIFA has to choose the best player of the tournament . For me it doesn't matter , because I did not see any spectacular player, but if I had to choose the main  personality of the world cup, surely that I choose the  Paraguay's model Larissa Riquelme .
I live in Omaezaki, and here there are few women, and if you think about beautiful women, I can say is as rare as water in the desert or big waves in Japan . So when I see women like Larissa , even by television, is a big pleasure .Countdown to go back to South America.



Raining on the rock

Ok , so this song and video are not for everyone but hey , I miss my home and this song takes me back there .
John Wiliamson is probably not as cool as John Butler ,but I am sure if you asked John Butler about him he would give him the thumbs up. ( John Butler is the guy playing that wicked guitar that Pedro has featured in his little Ipod thing down there to the left )
John Butler is a Yank ,
John Wiliamson an Aussie ,
Both live in Oz and are both excellent muscians and songwriters.
I definately listen to more of John Butler`s music , but this song is a cracker and it alway makes me homesick.
If anyone would like to visit Australia and see it Aussie style, come with us on a homestay trip .
We go surfing ,fishing ,camping ,do the trip to Nimbim and have a huge feed afterwards.
Munchies yeah ! You are all welcome to join us . And we can do it at a go price too.


Surf x Work

This morning I surfed again , also I did some testing with my 50 mm lens in the water, but I spent the afternoon on my computer, editing photos, the worst part of the photography , but it has  to be done any how .

Still under testing .... Long way to go ,,,, mata , mata ......


2010/7/4 Shizuoka Area / 御前崎 エリア

Shizunami Beach - A beautiful sunny Sunday, children playing on the beach, ice cream, sweet corn, watermelon ..... Smile , it's summer time .

The water was great for swimming and the kids enjoyed.

Susuki Beach - I slept and rested in late afternoon on Susuki beach, few people, very nice.


End of the line for Brazil

To much of self confidence, poor organization and a terrible failure of the goalkeeper were the main reasons for this humiliation that Brazil is suffering. But there are other reasons that come before starting the World Cup. The choice of certain players such as Michel Bastos, Daniel Alves, Robinho and others and leaving out players like Adriano,  Sandro  and Nilmar sitting on the bench while Luis Fabiano the dead man in the field are unspeakable .
Coach Dunga chose  the good guys to play in his team, but the  bad boys could  have given us a better  answer . It does not work well go  to bed early and follow all rules and when the game cames plays like a bunch of deer.
Well now we can only watch the others play. I'll cheer on the South America teams, mainly for Uruguay because I think it's a nice country and is very close to the south of Brazil where I live. What do you think about  that, who is gonna  win this cup?


2010/7/2 Omaezaki Area /御前崎 エリア

Ceara Junior helping me during another session of test in the water.

Lucky Guy

This guy caught this big fish from his SUP board today in Omaezaki.