Raining on the rock

Ok , so this song and video are not for everyone but hey , I miss my home and this song takes me back there .
John Wiliamson is probably not as cool as John Butler ,but I am sure if you asked John Butler about him he would give him the thumbs up. ( John Butler is the guy playing that wicked guitar that Pedro has featured in his little Ipod thing down there to the left )
John Butler is a Yank ,
John Wiliamson an Aussie ,
Both live in Oz and are both excellent muscians and songwriters.
I definately listen to more of John Butler`s music , but this song is a cracker and it alway makes me homesick.
If anyone would like to visit Australia and see it Aussie style, come with us on a homestay trip .
We go surfing ,fishing ,camping ,do the trip to Nimbim and have a huge feed afterwards.
Munchies yeah ! You are all welcome to join us . And we can do it at a go price too.

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