End of the line for Brazil

To much of self confidence, poor organization and a terrible failure of the goalkeeper were the main reasons for this humiliation that Brazil is suffering. But there are other reasons that come before starting the World Cup. The choice of certain players such as Michel Bastos, Daniel Alves, Robinho and others and leaving out players like Adriano,  Sandro  and Nilmar sitting on the bench while Luis Fabiano the dead man in the field are unspeakable .
Coach Dunga chose  the good guys to play in his team, but the  bad boys could  have given us a better  answer . It does not work well go  to bed early and follow all rules and when the game cames plays like a bunch of deer.
Well now we can only watch the others play. I'll cheer on the South America teams, mainly for Uruguay because I think it's a nice country and is very close to the south of Brazil where I live. What do you think about  that, who is gonna  win this cup?

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