Tokyo Ride

 The main street in Shibuya .

        Here are some other photos from last week in Tokyo , I've been very busy recently so just found time to post this photos Today . In this photos I tried to show the Tokyo daily life . I hope you enjoy it , Tchau .

The Subway

Building with a large video screen .


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Tokyo Tower Night View

Tokyo from the city tower .

        Earlier this week I was in Tokyo showing the city to my Mother , we had a great time visiting the main places of the city . The photos in this post I shoot from inside the Tower , under rain and strong snow later , an unforgettable night to us , provided by the action of nature interacting with the Tokyo urban visual . Tchau .

The highest point in the tower starting to snow .

View through a window.

Snow covered everything around the tower .

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South Chiba

The way to the beach .

         I was in South Chiba last Sunday , I was lucky to find consistent waves , few people  and warm water for my surprise . Here are some photos of Sunday , check it out  "Aloha" .

South Chiba last Sunday .

Few Surfers around .

Good size waves .

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Saturday Surf

Omaezaki beach this Saturday

         After 2 months without waves , this Saturday was pumping everywhere around Shizuoka prefecture . My choice was Omaezaki beach very close to my home . The cold did not allow me to surf, but I was encouraging my girl from the sand and took some photos to share here . Boa Noite , see you tomorrow  .

Aimi Chan defying the cold .

I would like to be there .

Just a photo .

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Water Shoot in Omaezaki

Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved

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Picking up seaweed

Traditional activity of the coastal population of Japan .


No Surf

Omaezaki Beach this Monday

          It's going to turn over one month with no waves around Omaezaki area , came on , knee high waves are not for surfing , although some people think they are surfing in  these waves . Not so much to do about this , so keep waiting for some miracle swell . I wish a nice week to everyone . ALOHA .




          This Sunday the surf was really small but nice weather , light wind and not so cold . Waves were small but surfable to hungry guys . During winter the waves usually get smaller , but this winter is being hard to have even small waves to keep surfing . I wish a nice week to everyone , ALOHA .


Omaezaki Point Break

Omaezaki Point Break from the top of the hill in the evening .


The Light House

Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved