Bali off-season / バリオフシーズン

Photos by Hidemi

My friend Hidemi spent some time in Bali recently and took some good photos on this trip. Despite not being the waves season, he found a few days with good waves. Thanks for the photos Hidemi and good luck in the return to Brazil mate.

 僕のブラジルの友達のひでみがバリにトリップに行った バリにいる僕の友人と合流して楽しんでいる 。 
バリはシーズンではないが楽しんでいるらしい 。 


John`s Ear Candy / ジョン ウォートンのオススメMusic (Cornelius - Smoke )

Cornelius has been around for many years , he is very popular outside of Japan and would be my favourite Japanese musician.
Keigo Oyama born in Segata Tokyo 1967, has 5 albums all very different a mixture of electronic and acoustic rock with poppy synths .
He`s a unit and I would love to catch him live sometime .
By the way ,today the weather was hot and the waves head high ,I went down to the spit on the Goldy caught some waves and chatted to some Japanese from Chiba . So lifes the same here in Oz .

Pipeline Pro Second day - 2010 IBA Tour

Picking Seaweed



僕はそのお婆ちゃんの強い心に感動した 日本のお婆ちゃん大好き!

Last Sunday I came across a surprising image in the region of Omaezaki . Some old ladies picking up Seaweed at a temperature of 3C and the winds that exceeded 14 meters per second. My total respect for these ladies and hope to new generations of Japanese show respect and treat well those wonderful ladies. An example to be followed by all of us.


2010 IBA Tour - Pipeline Pro ( 16-26th Feb North Shore Hawaii )

Watch it live on the following link:  http://fluidzone.com/pipe

I wish good luck to all Genesis riders . Gambate Genesis riders .


Body Boarding - Drop Knee

My self in action , thanks a lot Franco and Aki for the Photos . ペドロ ゴメス ボディボーダー。


Junior Enomoto Photographer /ジュニア エノモト カメラマン



From today  the blog has a new collaborator, the photographer and surfer Junior Enomoto. Like me he also uses  Nikon to shoot  different subjects like sports, landscapes and more. This time he presents us with a photo section of the north coast of Sao Paulo. To see more photos of Junior visit the link below.


Sao Paulo North Shore - Guaruja / サンパウロ北 - グアルジャ

Photos by Junior Enomoto


Brazilian Carnival 2010 / ブラジルのカーニバル2010

ブラジルは今カーニバルです・・・行けなくて少しさみしいです(;_;) .
This week is happening  the biggest party in Brazil , the Carnival , lots of fun and beautiful women, oh what a lack of it .


2009/2/13 Omaezaki Area / 御前崎 エリア

Until friday the waves were very good, but during the weekend the waves were smaller and not so good for surfing , but better than nothing .


2010/2/10 Omaezaki Area /御前崎 エリア

Solitary surfer at shark point / 孤独なサーファー サメのポイント。

River Mouth Wave / 川マウス波 。


2010/2/7 Skate Session in Shizunami / スケートセッション 静波ビーチ

Photos by Pedro Gomes


2010/2/6 Shizuoka Area / 静岡 エリア



Last Saturday I was lucky to find some fun waves in the area of Shizuoka. The waves were shoulder high and it was possible to run 3 to 4 actions. This Surf  point can not be photographed, so I only practiced body board and I didn't take any photos of waves this time .