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Gabriel Medina @ OTW
             It was my second day in Hawaii last month , small waves but the level of surfing is really high in any condition , check out this photos of Medina , Pupo , Balaram and More ..... AloHa :)
Gabriel Medina , The Freak from Maresias
Balaram Stack
Balaram Sick Sequence

Miguel Pupo

Pupo Mountage
Alana Blanchard
Unknow Surfer Girl
Nice move

Carissa Moore

North Shore of OAHU


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North Shore - The Surf Check

Off the Wall - North Shore Oahu Hawaii
               First of all I wish a Happy new year to everybody , I haven't written here for a while so here's my wish an awesome year for everyone, especially for people that use to access this blog . Well last December I was back to Hawaii , different from the other times I was there , I haven't updated the blog ; I had other priorities this time , and after a year of hard working in Japan I really didn't wanna spend a lot of time in front of the computer .
               Well right now I am still working out in some photos of my last stay in Hawaii and some videos too , I am also working in two other projects for a near future , anyway from today until uncertain days I will start to post some photos from my last trip to the North Shore .
               This time I didn't have a car like before ( I got there with very few money this time ) , so I used to wake up very early morning and check all the surf points by bicycle or walking , not so bad because my accommodation was in Sunset beach , 10 minutes walking from Pipeline/Backdoor/OTW and 5 from Rocky Point ( My favorites spots ).
                 In this post I share with you some photos of my early morning surfing check , That I used to do before  get in the water , Enjoy it ; AlOhA !

Parko checking the surf @ Log Cabins
Japanese Surfer @ Log Cabins
Unknow Surfer - OTW
Da' House
Sweet Backdoor
Sunset Beach - The Vans World Cup of Surfing

Sunset Beach #1
Sunset Beach #2
Log Cabins
Log Cabins Free Session

 Log Cabins Local
Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved