Happy New Year

Feliz 2012

          I wish to all of you a Happy New Year, That all dreams come true. I wish you health, money, waves, well I wish everything is good in this life. Thank's a lot for keep visiting this blog, I hope Can bring cool shots to share with everybody here. Welcome 2012, ALOHA.


City ride

Shizuoka Castle entrance

             This Thursday Aimi chan took me for a ride around Shizuoka city , her hometown . We visited some places, from early morning till  night . Shizuoka it's not a big city , but you can find all you need for shopping , food and entertainment . Here are some photos of this ride around the city . Aloha .

The gateway

Japanese typical winter leaves .

Man reading newspaper next to his bike .

Shizuoka city from the top of the hill .

Ride in the city at night .

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Waterfront Night view

Omaezaki this evening 

        Not so much going on these days , even to take photos is being hard to think about . The cold has arrived , no waves for a while . I am using this time to take a rest and sleep a lot . I wish a nice holiday to everybody and nice a trip to the lucky people that can fly away from the cold . Aloha .


Winter Surf

Omaezaki Beach this Monday

        The wind was so strong all day long , good for the wind surfers but not very exciting for surfing . Anyway this Omaezaki local surfer challenged the wind , the cold and he tried to surf , but the wind didn't give so many chances to him . However his effort was commendable . Gambata .

Trying hard


Xmas in Japan

Christmas Boat - Omaezaki Japan

         Japan is World famous for its fishing activity , this boat decorated with Christmas lights is the biggest symbol of Christmas in the small town where I live . I wish to everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year . FELIZ NATAL e PROSPERO ANO NOVO .


Dreaming about this

Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved


View from my balcony

My sight in the afternoon .

         Well nothing special is going on around these days , most of the time working or just staying at home . This photo on the top is the view from my balcony , and I do like it .
          By the way , it was nice to watch the Pipe masters , great show , the best surfers in the World in the best spot . Also nice to see the French Pierre become the Body Board World champ this year and Eunate in the girls , well done IBA , the best tour in years . Well let me go and watch some DVD and eat some popcorn . Have a nice day , Aloha .


North Shore Photo EXPO

         Hey folks , to vote in this photo click on the photo , then click like it , and you will help me with your click , thank's a lot . Aloha . Vota ai Rassa .


Omaezaki Local

 Yamaguchi San knows the place ,this was his last and best wave last Saturday .

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Nice Sequence

Surfer - H.Yoshikawa at Omaezaki

Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved


A perfect Saturday

Omaezaki Area last Saturday

         After work all night long ,  I was exhausted , fucking sleepy , hungry and tired . But when I got on the beach , I came across these waves , no way to go home or  sleep . I took my camera , I did some photos and BUMMM , Bodyboarding time . Nice waves , all my mates around , few people in the water , just wonderful . Some other photos of this day I will post soon as I can . See you guys and I wish to all people all over the world a very nice week . Kampai . Banzai . Aloha , TCHAU .

Yamaguchi San knows the place .

The Inside was my choice .

The outside was good for long rides .

Omaezaki in the inside .

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The Brothers

Key Watanabe

        This brothers are really cool , We were trying to do something cool out there , but hard to get day off at the same time or find waves when we finally have day off together . Well here goes our first try . See you later . Tchau .

Yuta Watanabe

Never mind the size , Key always find a way to fly .



Trying to find somewhere protected from the wind .

        The winter has arrived in Shizuoka , and the strong wind today made me drive to Hamamatsu beaches trying to find somewhere protected from the wind . This photo above was the best I could find , the wind was strong but the waves were alright , small but good . looks like that is going to keep the same conditions for tomorrow . Good luck to you if you  face the cold and the wind out there . ALOHA .

Strong wind everywhere



         After a big Sunday , the surf started really slow on Monday and just got smaller in the afternoon and even worst this Tuesaday . This week the temperature dropped a lots , Winter has arrived , however  during the day was sunny and not so cold . Time to go to sleep . Boa Noite Amigos .


Inside the bay

Somewhere inside the bay

            All the Japanese coast was blessed by God on Sunday and the surf was great everywhere . My choice was close my town in the other side of the bay . I wanted to take more photos , but my body boarder side spoke louder , so I was  all  long the day  body boarding like the old times ( my best session since 2009 in Japan ). Anyway before get in I took some photos , so check it out . I wish everyone a nice week . Tchau .

The Inside

Satoshi Fernando at Home

Waves to everybody 


Wave Check

Shizuoka Area this Sunday

        That's how I satarted my surf this Sunday , driving around , searching for the best spot . The waves were nice everywhere truly , but I was looking for something special . I was not motivated to take photos , I just wanted to find a place to can body board by my self in peace . But it was hard to find , seemed like all Japan was around here today . Well , here go some photos of my wave hunting today . Aloha .


             I went pee and I found this wave , in a place that I never could guess it was possible to surf . Two brave long boarders were out there , however the waves were taking so long to came in , what made ​​me give up about surf overthere , I don't like to wait that long .


I could have tried my luck out there , nobody around and some really nice waves .


Like Summer

Another beautiful day in the Pacific .

       Today the day was beautiful and warm like Summer . Unfortunately no waves , but it was nice to walk on the beach with nobody around , just my self and the sun shining on the ocean . After walk another day of hard training in the pool , and some sushi to recharge my energies . looks like some swell is coming this weekend , wait to see . Time to go Work now . Tchau .

I love Sushi :) .


Sun light

Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved


The Weekend

Surfer - Eito Ikeda

           Saturday started with smaller waves than Friday , but still good . Like Friday , the surf was pumping everywhere in Shizuoka and for my surprise not so many surfers in the water . Enjoy the photos and I wish to everyone a nice week . Aloha :).

Eito from Shizuoka city .

Local surfer Maecci surfing the big ones .

Sunset from the water

Shizunami Beach

Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved


Friday Surf

Omaezaki Area this Friday

        Waves were really good today around all Omaezaki area  , the consistent and continuous off Shore wind all long the day kept the waves nice and clean from morning until evening . Most of the time raining and cloudy , but water is still warm , so a 3mm wetsuit was more than enough . Lucky day , ALOHA .  

            I was lucky for be not working today , spent all day long bodyboarding and some few photos in the end .

            The strong current helped to keep the surfers that only hinder the surf away from the peak , NICE :) .

Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved


The Best left in Earth

Banzai Pipeline - Photo by Aimi Chan

          Everyday I dream about this wave , every single time that  I am training , I'm pretending that I'm out there . It's the most perfect wave I ever saw in my life , it's My my obsession .


Gabriel Medina Wins Rip Curl Pro Search San Francisco

                           I think here is a new World champ , Who will stop this guy ?

Happy Birthday to you

Feliz Aniversario Aimi  Chan , I wish all the best to you my surfer girl , Vai vai Aimi .


Cloudy day

Kanta Kun - Omaezaki Beach

         My last day off this week , small but good waves around Omaezaki town this Saturday . Today was nice to surf next to Aimi this morning , to see Ikeda San down in the beach , surf next to my mate Zilber , lots of laughs waiting for the waves . Yeh , I do enjoy live the life in a simple way . I wish a nice Sunday and a nice week to everyone . ALOHA .

Cloudy Saturday but so many surfers , why here ?......

Zilber was waiting that left all day long , but it came only once today .


My little square

Omaezaki Sunset

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