Ishikawa Reef (日本海)

Ishikawa Reef

              Here was my last stop in my trip to the Japanese Sea , the extreme north of the Ishikawa peninsula . After 2 day of wind and rain  God gave me his reward , a beautiful sunny day , constant off shore wind , shoulder sometimes head high waves . The beach was beautiful and the water so blue . Amazingly, nobody in the water , just My self and Aimi Chan all long the beach , that was really cool . With that waves , I gave a break to the photos and I spent two hours body boarding  before taking  these photos . An unforgettable day to us . "ALOHA "

Tree gate in front of the beach .

Aimi Chan surfing alone in the beautiful blue water .

Unforgettable day .

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Hunting Waves - Ishikawa-Ken (日本海)

 Ishikawa-Ken (日本海)

         My second stop in the Japanese sea beachs was at  Ishikawa-ken close Kanazawa city , few surfers and friendly people . Most of the locals gave me a beautiful big smile and said "KONITIWA" or "HELLO" . After drive for hours ,it was nice to take a rest and eat some good food overthere . In the afternoon God has blessed us with a beautiful light coming out from the clouds, creating a beautiful light in to the water. I love Jesus ,  he never let me down . After that beer , beer and more beer . Aloha .

God's Light

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Japanese Sea Fukui-Ken (日本海)

Point Break - Fukui Prefecture Japan

        After a long time away from the Japanase Sea , there was my self again driving that narrow streets looking for waves . My first stop was in a secret Point break in the north side of Fukui-ken , where I used to surf very often some years ago . I could met my old friend Akira and though the wind , the surf was good . Fun .

Rocks everywhere

My Friend Akira

Point Break Fukui Prefecture

Keep The Secrets in secret and surf in peace , Aloha .


Wind Surfing season begins in Omaezaki

Omaezaki Beach today

The season begins

Wind surfing - Omaezaki Japan

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Surfing Sunday

Omaezaki Beach this Sunday

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Surfing at Night

Surfer - Aimi Chan

          After surfjing for hours during the day , my self and Aimi Chan tried some night surf , kind of gambling , the best thing about it is that nobody was there , only two of us , Fun ( Kids don't try this at home ) . OYASUMI NA SAI , Boa noite , tcahu .

Surf in the neighborhood - Omaezaki Japan

 Omaezaki beach this morning .

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Adriano de Souza Claims Rip Curl Pro Portugal Over Kelly Slater

             BANZAII , what a month to Brazilians surfers , after Medina , now is time to Adriano . Once again the best surfer in earth was in the way and once again he couldn't stop the Brazilian guys . But in the end everybody is going to be happy , Slater will win the world tour for the 11th time and the Brazilians are geting their place in the Sun . All I wanna is some waves close my place tomorrow , Tchau .


Nara Japan

       Temple of the largest wooden Buddha in the world .

           Last week I went to Nara-Ken so I did some photos  . Nara like Kyoto , has so many temples and make us  travel to the old  Japan . Here are some few photos of  Nara's  characters and places . MAIDO , OKINI .

Japanese traditional chandeliers .

Deer are part of the natural scenery of Nara .

Outside of a temple .

Water used to purify the soul according to the Japanese belief .

The old way of taxi is now used by tourists .

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Back Home # Shizuoka

          It's nice to be back home after a very busy  week . See the sea , breath fresh air and stay next to my beautiful girl . Life goes so fast, we have to live as best as possible. I wish everyone a nice week and hopefully some wave reaches  Shizuoka coast. Tchau .

Shizuoka area last Sunday .

Tokyo Wedding

        That's what I was doing last Saturday , shooting Mr.Takashi and Mrs.Yuka wedding in Tokyo . It was a long day from 7:00am to 8:00pm but very rewarding . I wish the best to them and thank's a lot to Sabino for the opportunity , shooting at his side, I'm working and learning at the same time. Valeu .


Parabéns Gabriel Medina

      No words to describe this kid ,  I think that Kelly Slater's face says everything . Watch the video and you will know what I am talking about . Congratulations Medina Airlines ,  Tchau .


Maylla Venturin's social project for children in need

             I am very gratified to can contribute with my photo to Maylla's social project for poor children . Although the economy is growing a lot in Brazil, the country still suffers a lot with the  social inequality . Attitudes like this help to have a better country and a better world . If each of us make a small action in pro to disadvantaged people , surely We would have a better world . Good Job Maylla .


Body boarding in the evening

Body boarder - Edson Oda 

         Today was my very first time shooting in the water with an external flash , also the first time with my new housing , new camera and new lens . I have to say thank's a lot to my friend Edson and his wife for the patience . Some new photos are coming , stay tuned . have a nice week . Tchau .


That was really close

        Trying to get the best shot , we have to take risks sometimes , in this day I remember to hear the board beating the water so close to me . I was lucky for everything end well this day . Some waves tomorrow ?


Best Wave Report to Iphone

               Now you can follow Best Wave Report on your Iphone . With a dynamic way  designed especially for smartphones , so you can access all blog content in a  quick and eazy way . Also stay tuned in the  photographer's new page  on facebook at  http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/Pedro-Gomes-Photography/168733486543275?v=wall .  Aloha .


Back in the water

Everything is ready to shoot in the water again  , time to go out there and do what I like the most . Aloha.


Point Break

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