Iwata River Mouth # 2

Surfer : Paulo Balao

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Caution - Influenza

My friends , I recommend everyone to take care about Influenza , I just got that and I can tell you , it really put you down . I never felt so weak before . Until two days ago I couldn't move , eat , drink or talk . I tought , " man , here is the end " . I stayed for a while in the hospital like you can see in the picture on the left .
It happens to me just one week before go to Hawaii , what a lucky man  , am I ?
It's really funny this situation , because when happens something  like this ,  you realize very well that our helth is just all , and the rest is nothing .
Well , I am taking the medicines , and I feel better already . Very soon  I will be ready to fight again . GAMBARU .

My medicines , OISHIIIIIII .


Iwata River Mouth

Surfer : Bart Templeman

Copyright 2011 Pedro Gomes Photography : Camaleon Photo Art . All rights reserverd .



Old Friends - Surfing at Mie

Marcelo , Cassio , Leandro , Yuri , Takashi , Pedro , Douglas and Yugi .
                        Today I was  all day long at home , watching  the Volcom Pro and organazing my photos . I found this old album ( 7 years ago ) , during the period I used to surf often in Mie-Ken ( center of Japan ) . I do miss to be in touch with this guys , and surf next to them . We were like a team . Leandro lives in Hamamatsu now , and we see each other often , and also we call each other every day . He never let me down and he is like a brother to me in Japan  . Yuri is the funniest guy I ever met in Japan , now he lives in Santa Catarina Brazil and we are always  in touch , talking almost everyday by chat on the MSN . Cassio lives in Kobe , is the most successful Brazilian I know living in Japan , great job , always traveling and many chicks running for him . Marcelo is Yugi's father and he still lives in Mie . Takashi is Japanese , but loves Brazilian people and he was always around us , he went to Brazil one year ago , and has no plan to came back to Japan . Douglas got married with a Spanish girl from the Spain Village in Mie , and after a long surfing stay at Canary Island they moved to Brazil , and he is working for a big Spanish company overthere right now .

IchigoHama ,Our favorite spot in Mie .

Leandro , Marquinho , Fabio , Pedro and Odair .

                       Odair lives at Nambari beach Mie , nice spot , he is the Index Krown manager in Japan , we work together , think together , nice guy . Marquinho owns a Car Shop in Suzuka Mie and also he likes beer a lots , my beer rival . Fabio went back to Brazil with his wife , the professional body boarder Francis Aoto , they just had a baby few months ago . Nostalgia post today .......... Thank's for all guys , Brazilian surfers in Japan .


Has been hard to surf

                This winter is being the coldest winter in years in Shizuoka , we have to face very low temperatures every day . Also the waves are not helping the surfers and body boarders around here .
                 Yesterday was really funny ; I am not body boarding for close one month already , so before sleep , I said to Aimi , "Tomorrow never mind what the waves are , the wind , the cold , anything , I am going to the beach and use my new board . She looked to my face , gave me a big smile and said "Ok , I am going together ". 
                 Well , we got up early like every day ( but to leave the futons also takes a long time , coz of  cold ) ,we went down to the beach , and we face one more day of tough winter , with freezing wind and waist high waves .
                 She looked at me and ask me , "are you going to surf ?" , After a long silence , I said "well , I will wait get close to the  lunch time , it's warmer . why don't you go ?" her answer " I will wait for you to go ".
                 So we went to the library in  Hamaoka , searching for a basic English book for travelers and some intellectual magazines ( Surf and Soccer mags , hahahaha) . 
                After we left the library , was already lunch time , so we looked to each other , and before I say anything , Aimi said , "It's better we wait the afternoon , the wind will be not so strong , I guess ". Of course I agreed immediately . So we went to eat something , later I did some tests with my new camera ( a Nikon D300s ) , walk in the park , and after all ,  I DID NOT SURF again .
               Well I tried , but I have to confess , the cold is winning against the surf this winter . But I never give up and tomorrow I will try again , If I will get ...... Who knows .......


Solar Energy

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Wind Surf Movements

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Longing for the Summer 2 #

Surfer : Chika

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Surfing Hamamatsu

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SK8 Action Shot

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New cool blog in town

My friends Ayumi and Satoshi just started to get into the photography and video , check out their page on


Exploring the best of the Sun

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Do I still remember how to body boarding ?

Photo by Ruy Sano , my self BB two years ago .

                   It's going to turn weeks that I am away from the beach . This fucking cold is letting me down . So I ask my self , " Are you all right Pedro ?  Can you still do it ? ". Last year I surfed just few times , so I really don't know my real condition right now . All I can do is keep training in the pool , what I do almost every day . Well my D day is coming soon , so I can know if I still can show something or if I am over already . GAMBARU.


Pipe Machine last week

Really cool to see in the water riders like Tamega , Mike Stewart & Paulo Barcellos .
The Pipeline  Pro this year will be the best ever I guess , powered by Red Bull TV  .


Longing for the Summer

Body Boarder : Manami from Shizunami Beach .

What the hell is going on this winter in Shizuoka ? It's being so cold everyday , I can't take it anymore , please God end this crazy cold . It's being colder here than other places in Japan . I need summer .


Funny photos from my Iphone

Led's place view , thank's for the positive vibe broo.

Omaezaki sunrise , every day just perfect

          Me and Aimi , her hair looks like that girls from the 70ths , so cute ; like Michelle Philips from the Mama's and the Papa's , that's why today's song is California Dreaming but the Beach Boys version , enjoy it . 


Creating a new logo

               Luciano is working out in my new logo , today he sent me this sample . It hasn't finished yet , but close to be done . The main logo of Camaleon Photo Art tooks some months to be done . That's the way the Designer Luciano works , always looking for perfection . This blog  layout is all Luciano's ideas and concept , I am really luck to have  found this guy , thank's for all broo .


IK Shop - Index Krown International Online Shop

オンラインショップにて、index Krown のサーフボード、服が購入できます!チェックしてください!

Now you can buy our quality surf boards and clothes using the IK Shop on


Susuki Beach - Shizuoka Japan

Plugging my new board

My new Board designed for Big Waves before plug it .

hole to plug the leash

My lucky symbol

Done ! Now just go for the big waves and do what I like to do , BODY BOARDING .

Omaezaki Sunset

Copyright 2011 Pedro Gomes Photography : Camaleon Photo Art . All rights reserverd .

Surfing in the evening 


Follow us on Twitter

             I just made my twitter this week and I have 5 followers , my girl friend , my brother , two friends and someone that I have no idea who is . Anyway is being fun and people can now faster what is coming next on the Best Wave Report , so if you like this blog check out what is behind of it on my twitter , Tchau .

Spring day during Winter

Beautiful day for a walk , blue sky , no wind , a typical spring day during winter .