That's what I wanna ....

Somewhere in the paradise .

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Surf in the neighborhood

Surfer - Tavares Junior

       Some fun waves today around Omaezaki , but so far from what I was expecting . After a long time away from the water Junior  was pretty comfortable out there showing his tricks . Let's wait and see what happens tomorrow.Tchau .


Dreaming about this

           With the arrival of the cold, every night I dream of a place with good waves and good weather .


Pupukea beach break

Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved

Original custom board

Developed by Jean Ferreira - Oahu Hawaii USA

         My new custom board is designed by the super body boarder Jean Ferreira , Pro body boarder and Pipeline expert rider . The board is developed and designed in Hawaii and produced in  California . I am still trying it , but the first impression is good . A concept quite different from what I usually use, trying to add speed and flexibility . Waiting for the next swell to try to make the most of this board and test my own limits . Thank's a lot to Jean ferreira for the board and for the valuable tips to surf at Pipeline . Aloha and mahalos .


Hamamatsu surf spot by Aimi

Juniho Handa

Wilson Santos


Pedro and Wilson

Few people this day , good waves , nice to surf with this guys , Aloha .

All photos by Aimi Matsunaga


I am Back

          Photos by Aimi Matsunaga

           After 3 months away from the sea , I am back . I am fucking hungry for waves , so no Pedro Gomes photos for a while , I am boody boarding and I am not even thinking about photos right now  . Thank's a lot Aimi for give  the blog  some new photos . Aloha .



Endless Summer # Omaezaki Japan

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Psychedelic Surf

Omaezaki God father - Morikawa san

Psychedelic slide show

Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved

Art Surf

Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved

Midnight Oil

Index Krown Surf Boards


Ehlas Magazine - Stephanie Pettersen by Pedro Gomes

Stephanie Pettersen , 4 times World  champion , all photos by Pedro Gomes , to see the full   article go to http://www.ehlas.com.br/


On the Beach

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To many people , few waves ......

Pain in the ass go to the beach on weekends .


Slow Life

Omaezaki Beach - Japan

A perfect day to do nothing , my specialty.


Back Swell #2

Omaezaki area after the typhoon number 12 .


Zilber has the know how .

Some waves were really nice .

Another beautiful afternoon

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Local Surfer

Surfer - Shin Chan San

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The Secret Spot

Keep the Secrets in secret and surf in peace .

              In my search for waves during the tayphoon number 12 , I just found this point break not so far from my home . As you can see in these photos this wave is very  constant and consistent . Another good thing about this wave is  that nobody goes to surf out there because of its difficult access . While other points were out of control this place were really clean with beautiful lines . Do you wanna know where is it ? Try to find by your self , if you find this wave  it's because you really deserved this , good luck  . ALOHA .