Has been hard to surf

                This winter is being the coldest winter in years in Shizuoka , we have to face very low temperatures every day . Also the waves are not helping the surfers and body boarders around here .
                 Yesterday was really funny ; I am not body boarding for close one month already , so before sleep , I said to Aimi , "Tomorrow never mind what the waves are , the wind , the cold , anything , I am going to the beach and use my new board . She looked to my face , gave me a big smile and said "Ok , I am going together ". 
                 Well , we got up early like every day ( but to leave the futons also takes a long time , coz of  cold ) ,we went down to the beach , and we face one more day of tough winter , with freezing wind and waist high waves .
                 She looked at me and ask me , "are you going to surf ?" , After a long silence , I said "well , I will wait get close to the  lunch time , it's warmer . why don't you go ?" her answer " I will wait for you to go ".
                 So we went to the library in  Hamaoka , searching for a basic English book for travelers and some intellectual magazines ( Surf and Soccer mags , hahahaha) . 
                After we left the library , was already lunch time , so we looked to each other , and before I say anything , Aimi said , "It's better we wait the afternoon , the wind will be not so strong , I guess ". Of course I agreed immediately . So we went to eat something , later I did some tests with my new camera ( a Nikon D300s ) , walk in the park , and after all ,  I DID NOT SURF again .
               Well I tried , but I have to confess , the cold is winning against the surf this winter . But I never give up and tomorrow I will try again , If I will get ...... Who knows .......

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