Old Friends - Surfing at Mie

Marcelo , Cassio , Leandro , Yuri , Takashi , Pedro , Douglas and Yugi .
                        Today I was  all day long at home , watching  the Volcom Pro and organazing my photos . I found this old album ( 7 years ago ) , during the period I used to surf often in Mie-Ken ( center of Japan ) . I do miss to be in touch with this guys , and surf next to them . We were like a team . Leandro lives in Hamamatsu now , and we see each other often , and also we call each other every day . He never let me down and he is like a brother to me in Japan  . Yuri is the funniest guy I ever met in Japan , now he lives in Santa Catarina Brazil and we are always  in touch , talking almost everyday by chat on the MSN . Cassio lives in Kobe , is the most successful Brazilian I know living in Japan , great job , always traveling and many chicks running for him . Marcelo is Yugi's father and he still lives in Mie . Takashi is Japanese , but loves Brazilian people and he was always around us , he went to Brazil one year ago , and has no plan to came back to Japan . Douglas got married with a Spanish girl from the Spain Village in Mie , and after a long surfing stay at Canary Island they moved to Brazil , and he is working for a big Spanish company overthere right now .

IchigoHama ,Our favorite spot in Mie .

Leandro , Marquinho , Fabio , Pedro and Odair .

                       Odair lives at Nambari beach Mie , nice spot , he is the Index Krown manager in Japan , we work together , think together , nice guy . Marquinho owns a Car Shop in Suzuka Mie and also he likes beer a lots , my beer rival . Fabio went back to Brazil with his wife , the professional body boarder Francis Aoto , they just had a baby few months ago . Nostalgia post today .......... Thank's for all guys , Brazilian surfers in Japan .


  1. Hey Pedro!

    Great times, eh?!
    Nice to read and remember all the sessions here at Japan, with good mates whom I'll never forget!

    I was 22 on that photograph...Time goes so fast! And now, I have a news for you: I'm leaving Japan in the end of March beacuse I'll graduate my grad school in february and got a job in Brazil.

    But, no worries! I'll keep reading your blog to stay tunned about my friends that still living in Nippon!
    Thanks for the post!

    PS: I think that first photo is from october 2006(4 years and half ago)...

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  4. Olha aii! abri o site do Pedrão na primeira pag. fotos da galera! a surpresa e alegria de ver essa foto, com um misto de nostalgia! como vc comentou cada um seguiu seu caminho, mas o que ligou esse dia e sempre ligara é o Surf...