WCT in Brazil - video by Hiuri Tiscoski

Hiuri is one of my best friends in this world , like me he is from the south of Brazil and usually surf at Farol de Santa Marta ( my home beach).
3 years ago Hiuri and me were looking for a place close to the beach to live in Japan ,and after 3 months of hard search ( surfing and enjoying all beachs around Japan ), we decided for Omaezaki ( the only place we could find a job ) . We got impressed with the wave quality ( if think about Japanese wave level ) also we found Omaezaki a cool place to live( is that true ? ) .
After 2 years He left Omaezaki for 2 seasons in Indonesia , and after that he went back to Brazil .
Right now he is Living in Santa Catarina and surfing the best spots in the South Brazil , also he is producing Surf Videos like this one on the top. Keep Shoting mate , your videos are really cool.

今日は僕の友人HIURI TISCOSKIの紹介をします彼と僕は3年前に滋賀県から御前崎に一緒に移住してきました残念ながら彼はブラジルに戻る事になり僕はそのまま御前崎に残り別々の場所で活動しています今は彼はブラジルでサーフビデオの制作等をしています彼はグッドサーファーです!僕はいい波に沢山乗ってベストショットを沢山撮っていきます次にまた彼といい波に乗れる日を楽しみにして・・・

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