My new toy - Solar Hybrid Cell Phone

Photo by Pedro Gomes

That's my new toy , a Solar Hybrid Cell Phone . It is very compact , water proof ( important item to surfers ),with pedometer ( I can check how many steps I walked during day and how much calories I burned ) and an 8.0 mega pixels digital camera , with  preset options like a normal digital camera . The best thing about this cell phone is that each time that I recharge from the sun light , I am giving my contribution to the ECOsystem .

僕の新しいおもちゃはソ-ラ-パネルの携帯電話だ。この携帯は太陽のエネルギ-を使用出来てECOだし、サ-ファ-にとってうれしいウォ-タ-プル-フ機能更には万歩計機能付き。重要なポイントなのは8.0メガピクセルのカメラ。 これはデジカメと同じ機能がついている。 かなり役立つアイテムだ。

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