Caio Tavares - Going to Brazil

Caio and Lulu last summer in Omaezaki

               My little friend Caio is going back to Brazil this monday with his mother Luciana . I will miss both a lots , Caio is always fun and Luciana usually make nice food  at her place in Shizunami , and sure I will miss that . Caio and Luciana are really worried about the radiation comimg from Fukushima ( so I am ) , so they decided to go to Brazil until the situation  get better . Well other 2 members of the family are going to stay in Japan , Caio's father Junior and Lulu the dog  . Well Lulu is going to have a hard work  to look after Junior by her self now , but I am sure she can handle that , Lulu is a very smart dog and I wish good luck to her in this hard task .
              Caio e Lu , nao se preocupem a Lulu e forte e ira sobreviver , e forca la no Brasil , assim que der estou indo para Fortaleza comer um baiao de dois la com voces . Boa viagem e ate breve .

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