Ue Misaki Omaezaki

           This post is about photography , more precisely it's about some tests with new lenses that I purchased recently . I used 3 different lenses ( 14mm , 135mm and a 70-200mm ) in the same camera , my Nikon D800e . I liked the result , especially if I consider that I have not used flash and always photographed with iso between 5000 and 6400.
            About the Matsuri is was fun like every year , beer , people happy  , one celebration that passes from generation to generation, keeping the beautiful culture of this interesting country always renewed and strong , BANZAI .

 Shita Misaki

Shita Misaki #2

Ue Misaki #2

Ue Misaki #3

UE x Shita

Shita Misaki Drum

Shita Misaki Crew

Matsuri Number #1 Ue Misaki Japan

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