The Idol - Guilherme Tamega

Guilherme Tamega - Pipeline 2012

          Six-time World champion , Pipeline event winner with 15 feet waves , also Tamega is the only one to win the event three consecutive world's most famous bodyboarding, Shark Island Challenge, which has one of the world's most dangerous waves. He is also the most successful competitor in the international bodyboarding competitions after the World Tour was created in 1994 to promote a recognized world championship. Before the creation of the Super World Tour title was not recognized in the world, although Mike Stewart has received during this period the title "living legend". Tamega  is known as the "racing machine" due to his relentless search for victories.

"racing machine"

Tamega going to do his job .

Tamega @ Backdoor

My Self & Tamega at Ehukai Beach park .

Guilherme Tamega - The Legend

Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved

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