Isabela Sousa wins Sintra Pro 2010 Portugal - IBA world tour

Genesis rider Isabela Sousa did great and won Sintra Pro 2010 , and  maintained her leadership in the world circuit this season . With the small waves during the  competition  , the Japanese Miya Inoue did really well and got second place ,defeating Body Board world stars like Maylla Venturin and Eunate Aguirre .Well done Miya Inoue ,"OMEDETO GOZAIMASSU".In the Mens World tour , the french man Amaury Laverhne won Sintra pro and this year world title aswell with merit . He had already won at Pipeline this year, and his presentations have always been consistent .

Isabela Sousa - Genesis Body Boards rider .
Photo by Elmo Ramos - Ride It Magazine .

To know more about Isabela Sousa you can visit her blog on http://isabelasousabb.blogspot.com/ and to read more about the Worl tour visit the IBA web site on http://ibaworldtour.com/home .

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