The Boat Playground

The Boat Playground

          It seems that we really got a new surf spot in town , the boat ran aground and it seems that will not float in the near future . To the outsiders I do recommend caution , Local surfers don't like so many people in their peak , show respect and keep the rules are essential , I think outsiders should stay in Shizunami or Katahama beach close to the surf shops . This post is full of body board photos , what makes me feel really happy . The highlights of the day were Mr.Shibata a japanese professional body boarder and the Local and professional surfer ken Higuchi . Check it out , ALOHA .

    Shibata #1

 Shibata #2

Shibata #3

Shibata #4

Ken #1

Ken #2

Ken #3

Ken #4

The Playground 

Body Boarder #1

Body Boarder #2

Playground #2

Playground #3

Playground #4

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