Leandro Freda Photographer / レアンドロフリーダ カメラマン

これから僕と同じブラジル出身のLeandro Freda ,が時々ブログに参加してくれる事になります。フレダはブラジルのハイスクールの時からの友人です。当時は僕と彼と何人かでパンクバンドをしていた時もあり今でも彼と楽しかった思い出話をします。彼はハイスクール卒業後フォトとジャーナリズムの大学へ進学しました。大学卒業後はブラジルでフォトの会社を起業しました。http://www.bemnafoto.com.br/        

From now  the best wave report, has a new collaborator , my friend Leandro Freda.

Me and Freda  are friends since the days of high school in Brazil , we had a punk rock band called The Azeittonas, and like me he also was doing body board .

Finished high school , Freda graduated in journalism and photography and after that he acquired the franchise "Bem Na Foto" in Porto Alegre.http://www.bemnafoto.com.br/
In 2007 he decided to go spend some time in Australia and he is there until now.
He will be sending us some pictures  from Australia , such as these ones of this summer in Sydney.
Freda you are very welcome to the Best Wave Report.

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