John`s Ear Candy / ジョン ウォートンのオススメMusic(Dub Fx)

Dub Fx (Benjamin Stanford ) is a world wide street performer and studio recording artist from St Kilda, Melbourne , Australia .
His trademark is the use of loop and effect pedals combined with his voice , He creates intricate hip hop ,reggae and drum and bass rhythms . Some of his music is referred to as dubstep.
His lyrics are real and relevant to our times .
I think he is a very cool Aussie , he puts a lot into his music and he deserves to get something back , if you like what you hear you can purchase it here . http://www.dubfx.net/
Beat boxing really isn't my thing but this guy takes it to another level.
This is what old school hip hop was about ,taking it to the streets and keeping it real not like the crap we hear on the radio nowadays .
This weeks slang , "Up yourself " Having a large ego. As in....
Hey Kayne west you are so Up yourself and you music really sucks big time .
... I`m gone .. Off to Australia for 3 months of surf and summertime vibes ........
Enjoy music , make music , get involved with music........John ;)


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